Dominic Monaghan on pollinators

Dominic Monaghan, Actor/Environmentalist & Urban Bee Keeper/Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan host. For tonight’s Green Report – We go to Northern California – where butterflies have been mysteriously disappearing for decades. According to new research published in Biology Letters – there’s even more proof that the butterflies aren’t just disappearing because of land-use and the climate changing – they’re disappearing because humans are killing them with neonicotinoid pesticide use. The research team – lead by Professor Matthew Forister from the University of Nevada – looked at 40 years of data to separate the different factors that correlate with the declining butterfly population. The authors found that the butterfly population in Northern California made it a biodiversity hotspot – but that populations have been in decline since the late 1990s without any correlation to recent temperature or land-use changes. But the decline lines up neatly with the increase use of neocotinoids – which were first used in 1995 in Northern California. Here now to discuss the importance of butterflies and other pollinators in our ecosystem – is Dominic Monaghan – Actor – Environmentalist – Bug Aficionado and Urban Beekeeper.


Dominic Monaghan answering questions on Quora

From time to time you should definitely check Dom’s Quora profile, he is answering questions on there and you can request him to answer your questions on there as well.

Here’s some questions and answers from his session on March 29 2016:

quora7 quora6 quora5 quora4 quora3 quora2 quora1

More here:

Wild Things at the Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Toronto

episode-image-320x180Canada’s first festival of its kind will host it’s second annual viewing September 16-18, 2016. The Festival will showcase content producers and storytellers of virtual reality and immersive 360 degree videos. FIVARS will feature the works by groundbreaking international artists dedicated to the innovation of VR. 22 stories will be presented, one of which being Wild Things!

The VR Experience of the episode being shown will take the viewer to Bali, Indonesia with Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) to assist a snake wrangler in capturing a King Cobra, the largest venomous snake in the world.

FIVARS presented by VRTO will be at MSMU Studio, 950 Dupont Street in Toronto. For more information visit


New TV show coming up with Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd!


We’ve been seeing hints of this for a while now…

It looks like after Billy appeared on Dominic’s Wild Things show that we might be able to look forward to even more! Dominic Monaghan has just confirmed during interviews at the UK premiere of PET that there’s a new TV show coming up that he worked on together with Billy Boyd.

Travel / business of food show… sounds really good! From what I hear, it should be a project that’ll finally be revealed in 2017.



The hashtag #BugsR4Girls has been going viral since Sophie Spencer’s mother, Nicole, emailed the Entomological Society of Canada this week asking if someone could offer any encouragement – the group reached out to everyone on twitter.

There have been nearly a thousand retweets — more than 100,000 views of the original tweet — and many shares from people on social media keen to assure Sophia she’s wonderful, not weird. Even our favourite Wild Things host responded.

Sophia is heading into Grade 2 next month and in an interview, was surprised to learn how cool her new entomologist friends believe she is.

“It actually kind of makes me feel good because they say it’s OK to be a girl who likes bugs,” Sophia said.

Her mother Nicole said “We are very thankful for all the support we’ve received and for all the love they’ve shown.”

Sophia, meanwhile, is too busy with insects to map her career precisely. But she has some ideas: “I’m going to be a scientist, a bug expert and a vet and I’m going to become an astrophysicist,” she said.


New Middle Earth 6 Film Collector’s Edition

Middle-Earth-LCE-Box-2D-1024x1024The following has been announced to be released this autumn:

There are three products hitting store shelves, all listed with suggested retail prices in American dollars.

Theatrical versions DVD: $35.99
Theatrical versions Blu-ray: $68.99
Limited collector’s edition: $799.99

Re-live Peter Jackson’s epic adventure with the Middle-earth 6-film collection on Blu-ray and DVD.

A production of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, the collection will be released as a limited collector’s edition box set and a theatrical collection from Warner Bros. home entertainment.


Here’s one of our favourite hobbits, Dominic Monaghan, showing you what’s inside:

What do you think – is the collector edition worth the price tag?

It looks pretty fancy, but it would have been nice to also have some additional content… I have to agree with Quickbeam at when he wrote THIS article “Outraged or Bemused? The ‘UCE’ Blu-ray Galvanizes Fans“.