Dominic Monaghan on pollinators

Dominic Monaghan, Actor/Environmentalist & Urban Bee Keeper/Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan host. For tonight’s Green Report – We go to Northern California – where butterflies have been mysteriously disappearing for decades. According to new research published in Biology Letters – there’s even more proof that the butterflies aren’t just disappearing because of land-use and the climate changing – they’re disappearing because humans are killing them with neonicotinoid pesticide use. The research team – lead by Professor Matthew Forister from the University of Nevada – looked at 40 years of data to separate the different factors that correlate with the declining butterfly population. The authors found that the butterfly population in Northern California made it a biodiversity hotspot – but that populations have been in decline since the late 1990s without any correlation to recent temperature or land-use changes. But the decline lines up neatly with the increase use of neocotinoids – which were first used in 1995 in Northern California. Here now to discuss the importance of butterflies and other pollinators in our ecosystem – is Dominic Monaghan – Actor – Environmentalist – Bug Aficionado and Urban Beekeeper.


Wild Things season 3 US promo round

After the promo round in Canada Dom has been promoting the show all over the US! Here are some excerpts.

Yahoo TV Q&A


Yahoo TV held a Q&A with Dom on Periscope, you can re-watch that here:

Interview with Nature World

Dominic Monaghan has some advice for all nature and travel enthusiasts: Step outside your comfort zone, there is nothing to be gained by playing things safe.

Although Monaghan doesn’t have a degree in biology or zoology, he has a passion and curiosity for wildlife he hopes to inspire in all those that watch his show. In an exclusive interview, Monaghan shares with Nature World News what drives his sense of adventure, what it like traveling all around the world, and some of the interesting animals and unique cultures he experiences.

To read the entire interview, go to

Today Show


Dom brought some odd, scary, and cute animals with him!!

TV Weekly Now

“Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan” heads to Travel Channel with New Adventures – See more at:

The Marilyn Show


Dom’s part starts at 36min into the video!



Q&A session with Jerry O’Connell! As always, click the image link to view the full video in a new tab on the host website.

HuffPost Live


Another video to watch… lots of fun stuff in there from Wild Things behind the scenes stories to Star Wars, LOTR, LOST and Leonardo DiCaprio.

There is also a separate story (no video) that HuffPost published in which Dom talks about his collection of David Bowie’s audition for LOTR, his spirit animals, etc.:

Wait! There’s even more! Continue reading

Wild Things season 2 airs on BBC Earth Brazil

newwildthingsIn Brazil the second season of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan is currently airing on the BBC Earth channel: Wednesdays at 23h, with Thursday reruns at 10h56, and 17h28 (times GMT).

In this season, in the 3rd episode, Dominic also travels to Brazil (Manaus) and had a mission: to find the titan beetle, the largest beetle on Earth and very difficult to find due to its short lifetime. For the result of his expeditions in the jungle you’ll have to watch and find out!


WIN a signed Wild Things DVD.. calling all Wild Things fans!

WildThingswithDominicMonaghan_DominicMonaghan_03Thanks to our dear friend Taffy, we’re giving away a SIGNED Wild Things DVD – signed by Dom himself of course!!

We can help Dom by making noise around his show premiering this week, Wednesday 27th on Travel Channel in the US. Everyone who promotes the show to friends, family, colleagues, strangers, followers between now and when the show airs, will qualify to win! 🙂


Submit your promo results/proofs below, and also all RTs of following tweet will count! Let’s help get the word out about this awesome show so more people get to hear about it! I’ll get in touch with the winner by the end of this week! Who’s excited to watch the new season??


Ecorazzi’s interview with Dominic Monaghan

wild-things-dominic-monaghan-on-location-0018.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960Ecorazzi has posted an interview they did recently with Dominic Monaghan about his new season of Wild Things:

Actor, animal lover and travel enthusiast Dominic Monaghan is returning to TV with his nature show, “Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan,” which premieres on the Travel Channel next week.

Like his previous seasons on BBC America, Monaghan travels around the world in search of the weirdest, most wildest creatures alive, in the hopes of educating and entertaining viewers for the animals that many of us never knew existed.

This season he journeys to such exotic locations, like Bolivia, Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Palau, Peru and the Philippines in search of these incredible species.

Ecorazzi chatted with Monaghan to discuss his passion for wildlife, his favorite experiences of the season and whether an experience has ever been too wild for him.

What first ignited your passion for wildlife? Were you always interested in nature?

Yeah, I have been always interested in animals. I can’t remember not being interested. I grew up watching “Survival”, Jacques Cousteau, that kind of thing. Whenever there was an animal or insect featured, I always prided myself on knowing what it was. In a lot of ways, it’s something that is in my D.N.A. I thought everyone was interested in animals, so I found it very bizarre when people weren’t. I think everyone should love animals. They live around us, they’re here with us all the time. They are incredible creatures.

Yes, they are. What made you want to do the show initially? How did it come to be?

It happened because of my holiday. When I go on holiday, between acting jobs, I will pick an animal somewhere in the world that I want to see and then go to the city and ask the locals during the daytime or nighttime how I can find the animal. “Do I need to take a bus or a boat, or another plane?” And then I would head down and find a guide. So, anytime I would come back from these trips, I would tell my agent about them, and he said, “You know, this could be a TV show. You just need a camera crew to follow you around.” So, I ended up pitching it to a few different people, and then one of them took it on and we were off to the races.

Tell us a little bit about this new season. What makes it different than the others?

I think this season we are lucky enough to be working with the Travel Channel, so we can dig a little deeper, go a little bigger. Travel Channel prides itself on doing big expedition-type trips. I loved working with BBC America, and I hope to work with them another time, but we probably didn’t have the budget to go to Madagascar, to go to Africa, to go to Brazil, and this year we did. We were able to really push ambitious ideas this year, so the trips are a little bigger and the animals that are targeted were a little harder to find, so the show dealt with a bit more drama. “Will I find the creature?”

Which experience really stood out for you this season?

In terms of this year, I think being in Madagascar was quite special. These people are quite poor and I would see these kids on the streets, who don’t have a lot of money, so that image stuck with me. And then there was the safari in Africa where we saw the white lion, which are extremely, critically endangered and have the potential in the next few years to die out altogether. One of my most favorite countries in South America is Peru and we were able to go there twice this year.

Has there ever been an instance or experience in which you thought, this is just too wild even for me?

No, not really. In terms of animals, never. I have been bitten, stung and mauled by a few different things, and in some ways it’s worth it for me in terms of experience. I have a few scars, but the scars are nothing compared to what the animal is going through. The things that get me down is the travel time. A lot of times we leave Los Angeles and we travel for a day and a half, or two days, to get to the location. Once we get to the country, we might have to travel for the whole day. That can be taxing. In terms of animals, I might be put in situations where I might get hurt but I trust my instincts in not getting too hurt and I trust the animal’s inclinations to not kill me if I am approaching it correctly.

Was there anything that you set out to do with these new episodes that you couldn’t do or get to?

There are always animals that we are looking for, but we aren’t able to see. I’m the entomologist of the group. I love insects as much as I love animals, and I also love reptiles. And I’ll say to the group, let’s find this bug, let’s go find this animal, let’s go find this creature. And we just can’t find them. We have been lucky and we have been unlucky. We have tried to find animals who haven’t been seen in the wild for fifteen years, and we think we won’t find it. And that’s the part that adds the drama to show. It’s like a treasure hunt.

What are you most excited for the viewers to see this season? What’s something that you think will blow their minds?

I think the cobra of Sri Lanka is a great episode. It is a snake that everyone knows, and it raises its body like it does – everyone knows what that posture is. In Madagascar, there is an extremely bizarre and charismatic primate who I think people will get a kick out of. What we are trying to do is inspire curiosity. You think you are animal lover, then suddenly you seen an animal that you didn’t even know existed. That’s the whole point of the show.

“Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan,” premieres on Travel Channel on Wed. January 27th!

Get inspired by Dom’s travel recommendations

wild-things-dominic-monaghan-florida-snapping-turtle.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960Thinking about where to go on your next holiday? Dominic shared some great destination tips with The Augusta Chronicle!

His biggest general travel tip: Get out of your comfort zone!

“For you to taste the fruit, you sometimes have to climb the mountain. … You really compromise what you’re seeing if you just walk into a zoo, because you’re seeing animals under duress. Yet, in the Uni­ted States, you’re never too far from nature with the national parks. Just take your family and go out into nature. It’s not necessarily all elephants and big encounters like that; it could be just sunsets, insects and other native creatures.”

Here are his best destinations for wildlife viewing experiences.
FLORIDA: “The Everglades is a beautiful part of any country,” Monaghan said, “and it is filled with lots of creatures, from alligators and insects to some pretty spectacular birds. The wildlife is just incredible.”

Famously dubbed the “River of Grass,” the slow-flowing marsh is one of the world’s most unique and fragile ecosystems. It’s also the largest remaining natural subtropical wilderness in North America. Alligators, anhingas and even the elusive Florida panther make their home just 45 minutes west of downtown Miami. For an up-close look, visit the Everglades Outpost Wildlife Refuge or Alligator Farm near Homestead; try an airboat ride; or see the Seminole tribe’s Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum, which tells the tribe’s story, and Billie Swamp Safari, which offers a nature trail and airboat rides.

COSTA RICA: Monaghan suggests Costa Rica because of the native birds, insects, and other wildlife. “The variety is incredible,” he said. “And the infrastructure has improved, making it easier to get around. There are lots of rainforests in Costa Rica, but, unfortunately, they are being cut down, so people should definitely get there to see the animals as soon as possible.”

There are about 220 species of reptiles in Costa Rica, including 70 species of lizards and 120 species of snakes. There also are monkeys, bats, jaguars and anteaters, among other animals. The birds, however, are the real attraction, as almost 900 species have been recorded, which is more than in all of the U.S. and Canada combined.

KENYA: This is the place to really start pushing yourself, Monaghan said. “The weather is hot, but food is good, the people are wonderful and the wildlife is everywhere.”
The east African country is home to wildebeests, elephants, giraffes, hippos, warthogs, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and much more. Many safari companies in the country offer guided tours. Expect to book a tour as much as a year out, and time your trip based on migrations.

AUSTRALIA: “I believe nine of the world’s most venomous snakes live there, and eight of the world’s most venomous spiders live there, too,” Monaghan said. He said Australia doesn’t look big on maps, probably because most map-makers have never been there, but “there is just a lot to see; it’s a huge country.” More than 80 percent of Australia’s plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs are unique to the continent. Some of the best-known animals are the kangaroo, koala, echidna, dingo, platypus, wallaby and wombat.

MADAGASCAR: “The animals there are nowhere else on planet Earth,” Monaghan said. “There are some very bizarre creatures and some very pristine forests that afford incredible opportunities to see animals. It truly is a magical country.”

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the island developed its own distinct ecosystems and wildlife since splitting from the African continent an estimated 160 million years ago.
Approximately 95 percent of Madagascar’s reptiles, 89 percent of its plant life and 92 percent of its mammals exist nowhere else on Earth. Some of those animals include several species of lemur, in addition to flying foxes, narrow-striped mongooses, chameleons, geckos, tomato frogs and many insects. The coral reefs off the coast are home to a wide variety of sea life.

Still not convinced or you need some time to save up the money? Dom visits some of these awesome destinations in this new season of Wild Things, let him take you there! Don’t forget to watch Wild Things starting THIS WEEK (27th January 2016) on the Travel Channel in the US!


Wild Things 3 episode 1 catch up online on OLN

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2016 has kicked off with the premiere of the new Wild Things season 3 on OLN! So exciting!

BelizeOLNHappened to miss the first episode? Don’t worry, you can catch up online as OLN uploads all complete episodes to their website HERE. In the first Canadian episode, Dom and his team went looking for the fer-de-lance in Belize!


630x420xdominic_monaghan_wild_things_belize_02_jpg_75172_jpg_pagespeed_ic_tBynZFTOHSLast year, when the Wild Things crew were in Belize, local media and fans were happy to see them and they published a report you can read on AmbergrisToday HERE.

Rogers is also airing this season of Wild Things in 4K! This is the first show they’re offering their viewers in this format. Tune in every airing Wednesdays beginning January 6th at 9pm on Rogers channel 999. The next big thing in home entertainment, 4K brings viewers even closer to the action with four times the pixels of HD for higher resolution and improved motion video.

This all is for Canadian viewers only, US viewers will be able to watch their premiere of season 3 on the Travel Channel from the 27th January! Read up on a first interview with Dom here:

International dates will follow… please be patient and #becurious, check back here for more info as we’ll update as soon as  we have any news!