New TV show coming up with Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd!


We’ve been seeing hints of this for a while now…

It looks like after Billy appeared on Dominic’s Wild Things show that we might be able to look forward to even more! Dominic Monaghan has just confirmed during interviews at the UK premiere of PET that there’s a new TV show coming up that he worked on together with Billy Boyd.

Travel / business of food show… sounds really good! From what I hear, it should be a project that’ll finally be revealed in 2017.


Fighter and the Kid podcast

Actor Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost, Wild Things) joins Brendan and Bryan to talk about his new show ‘Wild Things’ on The Travel Channel, his life changing role in The Lord of the Rings and much more.

fighterandthekid2 fighterandthekid



Report: Dom at LFCC – Two Days in Geek Paradise

Dominic Monaghan appeared at London Film and Comic Con 2016, where he took photos with fans, signed autographs and participated in 2 Talk sessions.

We were there, as well as Carmen who is part of the Dominians community. Here’s her report for those that missed out on the event!

Movies, Comics and Spectacular Atmosphere.

LFCCFrom 29 to 31 July 2016, another edition of the legendary London Film And Comic Con was held in London, where we have the opportunity to meet original cosplayers, autograph hunters, lovers of movies and of cult series, mythomaniacs and simply curious people wanting to have fun in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where everyone could find their place.

For me, the best part of large conventions like this is precisely the possibility to greet in person and take a photo with big screen stars as Famke Janssen (Jean Grey in X-Men and James Bond girl), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye in the Avengers) or Sylvester McCoy (Radagast in the Hobbit), and to be in the presence of cult film legends that have marked an era, as Rutger Hauer (famous for the legendary Blade Runner, Dolf Lundgren, action hero in films like Universal Soldier) or Kenny Baker (the actor who gave life to R2D2 in the Star Wars saga, RIP).

LFCC1And there we also encountered Dominic Monaghan (LOTR trilogy, the Lost series, and many more roles we love) who doesn’t go to so many conventions. He was obviously one of the most popular stars. Hundreds of fans wanted to approach him, get his autograph or take a picture with him. Many people brought with them huge posters, games and DVDs. Some LOTR related that were already signed by the other main cast, and needed his autograph to be complete. Therefore, the buzz around his table was amazing at any time of day. The excitement generated grew at times.

First impressions.

The first thing we did on Saturday after arriving at the Olympia, headquarters of the convention, and after conquering the long line perfectly managed by Showmasters volunteers with British precision, was to obtain a number for the virtual queue for our meeting with Dominic. To give you an idea, we received a number in the 300s, and were there at 10 in the morning.

Of course, we were hovering around the place where our favorite actor was signing, to see if he was really there, but we struggled to get a photo through lots of people who stood between us and him.

LFCC14And indeed, he was there, behind his desk dominated by a huge poster with Charlie’s photo, as he signed his fans’ valuable items, or the pretty photos provided by the organization, half hidden by a large box. And you may ask: What I was in that box? Maybe you guessed it! LFCC20Lots of #BeCurious stickers of all sizes, that he offered to everyone that passed. A great detail for the fans! Dominic really knows how to treat them. Amazing, isn’t it? These kind of things make our love for him grow and shoot to the moon. After spending some time watching one after another fan getting their autograph, with our Virtual Queue ticket treasured, we took the opportunity to stroll around the grounds, and learn first-hand all that the con had to offer.

We wasted no time since the area was beginning to crowd. So we searched our favorite actors, and started queueing to meet them. We were lucky, because with not much time in between, we got the autographs of Harold Perrineau and Michael Emersson, two of the main actors and co-stars alongside Dominic’s fascinating series Lost. Both were super friendly with us, and we could talk a bit with them. First mission accomplished!

During the rest of Saturday, we had a great time stopping the best cosplayers to take photos with them, visiting the exhibition of the original costumes from the movie Suicide Squad, walking through autographs queues to see all the cinema and wrestling stars in the flesh, and ultimately, knowing first-hand the coolest ambience of a great convention, returning occasionally to see if our number was called to get in line for Dom’s autograph. However, there were too many people with a number before us, so we had to return to the hostel without being able to meet him that day. It was an intense day but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We would have another chance to meet Dom the next day.

Finally, Dom’s autograph.

Sunday began even earlier than usual. Anxiety for not having arrived in time to get the autograph of Dominic the day before meant we were willing to go to the convention site without going through the breakfast table to get our Virtual Queue ticket earlier: It was the last day of the convention, and I could not leave without my autograph (no way!). Therefore, we arrived very early, and immediately went to the table to grab a VQ ticket for Dominic’s autograph. This time, we were fast as lightning, and we got a number around 100.

And now, we were in the area of signatures sooner rather than later! Soon our number was called to queue, and we went through to a table where we could choose one of the beautiful pictures of Dominic’s characters: there were some LOTR as Merry, other from Lost, among the ruins of the plane crashed on the beach in his role as Charlie, some of Simon Campos in Flash Forward, and one of X-Men, where he played the mutant Bolt. But I saw none of his show Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, where as you know, he meets the more fascinating animals on earth on their travels. But I came prepared.

LFCC2As a biologist and animal lover, I wanted to get signed a photograph that had to do with his show, which I brought well protected in a folder, because for me, it is very valuable what he does with this show, and I admire him for it.

LFCC15Arriving at his side, I was so excited I could barely utter a word. I didn´t even know how to begin. But I had some courage to ask him to sign my picture, where he poses with a yellow python snake, so beautiful that I could not resist. And without hesitation, he signed it. The truth is that we had little time to talk, but at least I could tell him that I liked his show. For me it was a very special moment, like a dream. And he was so close and friendly that we went away very happy with our #BeCurious stickers in hand.

LFCC4The adventure had come to an end, and our mission was over, but the good memories will always remain. From here, I would like to thank Dominic for being there with all of us, and being friendly and nice to everyone, despite the stress that I suppose comes with attending such a convention. I send you a hug, Dom. Do not ever change.

Photoshoot with Dom

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Q&A with #WildThings Frank the cameraman

frank5If you’ve been watching Wild Things you surely must have a fond love for Frank the cameraman, like we do! I hear many mention that the chemistry between Frank and Dom is part of the reason why the show is so fantastic. We hear Dominic talk about the show quite a lot in interviews but we wanted to reach out to Frank, especially since our previous blog about him “Frank the cameraman’s wild life” is still one of our most read blog items, and he was kind enough to answer fan questions 🙂

Did you and @DomsWildThings know each other before Wild Things or how did it come about that you started working on the show?

Frank: We both knew the TV executive…and he connected the dots.

So when you met Dom for the first time.. First impressions?

Frank: Dom was listening to Sigur Ros in his car and I thought at least we like the same music.

When do you find out where you’re going and what animal you’re looking for when filming the episodes?

Frank: In pre production we come up with target animals that we would like to interact with and that determines the countries we visit. Doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes we don’t find what we’re looking for and a big rethink is in order.

We all know @DomsWildThings is fearless but do you have any animals you are or were not too comfortable around?

Frank: Snakes used to freak me out! (Thanks mom) but Dom helped me get over that. Big reptiles still make me queasy.

What is it like as the cameraman when things go wrong, for example when Dom was bitten by monitor lizard in season 2?


Frank: Dom and I agreed in season 1 regardless of what happens…keep shooting. We have a very fine medic with us. it was still very emotional to see Dom injured like that. But it all turned out well and he has a pretty nifty scar.

What about you, do you have any epic scars from working on the show?

Frank: So far I have got off easy. No battle scars. I’m pretty light on my toes and the adrenaline keeps me sharp.

What was it like having an angry elephant charge towards you??


We always have to be on our toes.. I got sucked in that day…paying more attention to my viewfinder than my surroundings. I really thought my life was over. I went to a very quiet space and accepted my fate. But the miracle of Shultzie intervened. (Donald Schultz – medic that was with them when this episode was filmed, he distracted the elephant)

What does your family think of #wildthings? Especially when they hear all the “step back Frank”, “watch out Frank”?

Frank: It’s better that being shot at… I’ve spent most of my career in combat zones. My family prefers Wild Things to war.

I can see that! Wild Things sounds like a lot more fun too.

Frank: I love shooting with Dom and we have developed a pretty solid friendship over the years.


Are you excited for the new season airing in Canada (OLN) and US (Travel Channel)?

Frank: Very excited…we went to a lot of amazing places this season. Saw some incredible wild things and had some great times!

How has season 3 been different now that @travelchannel is on board, in terms of equipment etc you got to work with?

Frank: we moved to shooting on 4K and lots more drone to show off the landscape. Also experimenting with VR. (You can watch Wild Things in 4K in Canada on Rogers Channel 999)

That sounds like a lot of luggage to carry around!

Frank: 25 to 30 cases per trip. I loathe checking in. It’s truly the low point of our adventures. Takes hours!

Do you have a favourite season 3 adventure/memory?

Frank: Without giving too much away. Two cheetahs in South Africa. Mind blowing experience. Tune in and you’ll understand.


Can you remember any moments that were amazing but didn’t make it in the final cut or you somehow didn’t manage to capture it?

Frank: So many things don’t make the cut…but all the good stuff that doesn’t end up on the show appears online as bonus scenes. (Check them out at Travel Channel:

What was it like having @BillyBoydActor traveling with you last season? Would you like more guests?

Frank: @BillyBoydActor was a truly decent human being! He even carried my camera when I was aching. Want more guests!!!


Will we ever see your face on the show? People are curious about the mystery cameraman Frank.

Frank: probably not. I’m not a big fan of being in front of the lens.


If you want to reach out to Frank and tell him how awesome he is, you can do so on twitter @Kolaporekid and Instagram! His official website is:

Meanwhile awesome tshirts have been made in honour of Frank by @CrawliesWithCri – you can buy one too and part of your money will go to a charity chosen by Frank, the Kenyan guards protecting elephants against poachers!

watchoutfrank3  nowavailable watchoutfrank2 watchoutfrank1

Get your own “Watch Out Frank!” tshirt here:

And don’t forget to tune into Wild Things on OLN Canada and Travel Channel USA!!

Dominic Monaghan announced for London Film & Comic Con Summer 2016

ade6Exciting news because Dominic doesn’t do many conventions! He’s just been announced as a guest at Showmaster’s London Film & Comic Con this summer. He’ll be attending both Saturday and Sunday 29-31 July 2016.

You can buy tickets for the event already as well as photo op tickets with Dom! CLICK HERE to buy.

Autograph: ÂŁ30

Photo Shoot: ÂŁ30

I’ll be attending… will I see you there?

PS: Ron Perlman will also be there so that’s a mini-I Sell the Dead reunion!

Wild Things season 3 US promo round

After the promo round in Canada Dom has been promoting the show all over the US! Here are some excerpts.

Yahoo TV Q&A


Yahoo TV held a Q&A with Dom on Periscope, you can re-watch that here:

Interview with Nature World

Dominic Monaghan has some advice for all nature and travel enthusiasts: Step outside your comfort zone, there is nothing to be gained by playing things safe.

Although Monaghan doesn’t have a degree in biology or zoology, he has a passion and curiosity for wildlife he hopes to inspire in all those that watch his show. In an exclusive interview, Monaghan shares with Nature World News what drives his sense of adventure, what it like traveling all around the world, and some of the interesting animals and unique cultures he experiences.

To read the entire interview, go to

Today Show


Dom brought some odd, scary, and cute animals with him!!

TV Weekly Now

“Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan” heads to Travel Channel with New Adventures – See more at:

The Marilyn Show


Dom’s part starts at 36min into the video!



Q&A session with Jerry O’Connell! As always, click the image link to view the full video in a new tab on the host website.

HuffPost Live


Another video to watch… lots of fun stuff in there from Wild Things behind the scenes stories to Star Wars, LOTR, LOST and Leonardo DiCaprio.

There is also a separate story (no video) that HuffPost published in which Dom talks about his collection of David Bowie’s audition for LOTR, his spirit animals, etc.:

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Go Away with Dominic Monaghan (who wouldn’t??) by Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune just posted this article with one of the most enticing titles ever…

dom1Go away with … Dominic Monaghan

To read the complete article, please go to their website:–tms–celebtrvctnct-a20160126-20160126-story.html

Q. What is your favorite vacation destination?


A. I like New Zealand, India, Thailand, Palau and Spain for culture, food, people, diving and friends and family.


Q. What are a few things you would recommend that tourists do there?

A. For New Zealand, head to Wellington, but then head for a trip around the South Island. You can’t beat its green rugged wilderness. In India, I like Goa. It’s a vegetarian food paradise and has great beaches. Head to the islands in Thailand, like Ko Samui or Ko Tao. Krabi is worth seeing and, if you want to splurge, Pimalai Resort and Spa. Palau is a scuba-diving mecca. Go enjoy the amazing wreck diving. Spain is rich in old European culture. Seville, Tarifa and Madrid are worth seeing, but I like Barcelona for the amazing buildings and tapas.


Q. What untapped destination should people know about?


A. Vejer de la Frontera is a gorgeous town on the southern tip of Spain that’s well worth seeing. The Greek islands deserve our love and have such a lovely pace of life and superb food. The quiet side of Crete and Kos are both nice. Laos and its capital, Vientiane, are untapped areas of Southeast Asia with friendly people, great food and superb opportunities to find animals.

Continued at The Chicago Tribune – can I just say I really enjoyed reading this article!

As always… have to promote Wild Things starting on the Travel Channel TOMORROW Wednesday 27th January 2016. Tune in, you won’t regret it! Follow Dom on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Periscope.