Billy calls Dom again, at Salt Lake City Comic Con!

slccallYou gotta love these two!!! ❤ ❤ During Billy Boyd’s panel at Salt Lake City Comic Con he called Dominic Monaghan (as he has been doing at a couple of other previous conventions such as Hobbitcon earlier this year) and it is as usual full of laughs and feels…

Thanks to all those who attended and shared it on social media for the rest of us to enjoy!


Dominic on the LOTR cast matching tattoos

Here’s a video of Dom recalling the day the LOTR cast got matching tattoos! (click image to go to EW’s video)


He recently also shared this EPIC pic on twitter! (Thanks for sharing, Dom!)



New TV show coming up with Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd!


We’ve been seeing hints of this for a while now…

It looks like after Billy appeared on Dominic’s Wild Things show that we might be able to look forward to even more! Dominic Monaghan has just confirmed during interviews at the UK premiere of PET that there’s a new TV show coming up that he worked on together with Billy Boyd.

Travel / business of food show… sounds really good! From what I hear, it should be a project that’ll finally be revealed in 2017.

New Middle Earth 6 Film Collector’s Edition

Middle-Earth-LCE-Box-2D-1024x1024The following has been announced to be released this autumn:

There are three products hitting store shelves, all listed with suggested retail prices in American dollars.

Theatrical versions DVD: $35.99
Theatrical versions Blu-ray: $68.99
Limited collector’s edition: $799.99

Re-live Peter Jackson’s epic adventure with the Middle-earth 6-film collection on Blu-ray and DVD.

A production of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, the collection will be released as a limited collector’s edition box set and a theatrical collection from Warner Bros. home entertainment.


Here’s one of our favourite hobbits, Dominic Monaghan, showing you what’s inside:

What do you think – is the collector edition worth the price tag?

It looks pretty fancy, but it would have been nice to also have some additional content… I have to agree with Quickbeam at when he wrote THIS article “Outraged or Bemused? The ‘UCE’ Blu-ray Galvanizes Fans“.


Billy Boyd calls Dominic Monaghan at Hobbitcon 2016

This will be on the official HobbitCon 2016 DVD but here’s a little sneak preview of Billy Boyd’s panel in which he called Dominic Monaghan!! Be prepared for feels overload!

I can’t wait for the official DVD to come out, must have the precious!

mini LOTR reunion

In case you missed it… these pics were posted on Dom’s instagram account:

reunion1dom_monaghan_From left to right: handsome. Coy. Dippy. @billyboydactor @theoneringnet #becurious

reunion2dom_monaghan_We fought in a war. #neverforget #fellowship #becurious

reunion3dom_monaghan_There is a deep love. Not separated by ocean sky and sound. This love has always been. Always will be. #becurious

reunion4dom_monaghan_We are #love #lotr #becurious

reunion5dom_monaghan_My friends. You bow to no one. @boydbilly @billyboydactor #becurious

That last one…. right in the feels…. How amazing to see these guys hang out together still! “After all this time? Always.”

At London Film and Comic Con Dom mentioned this moment in his Talk session, saying he was trying to get Viggo to create an instagram account. More on that later, we’re working on an LFCC summary post!

Dom’s instagram account name has changed, follow him at: @Dom_monaghan_