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This fan site was founded by Eve (@evelienh) in 2013, Emily (@warmhappycat) joined on as another admin, and our latest addition to the team is the lovely Outi (@OiskaE).

We have also created a Facebook group for fellow Dominic fans, feel free to join HERE! You can follow us on Twitter HERE.

This is an unofficial fan site dedicated to Dominic Monaghan. We are not affiliated in any way with Dom, but we are here as fans to love and support him and all his amazing projects. Please do leave your thoughts and ideas on our updates, everyone is welcome to join in the fun!

All information is correct to the best of our knowledge. The majority of content on this site has been collected from other Internet sources. Most items are used without permission of their copyright owner under the Fair Use Act and are only being used for informational purpose. Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended – all content is copyright of its original owner.  If you are the copyright holder and would like to receive credit, or do not approve of it being shown on the site, please contact us below.  


(All) About Eve: Hello! My name is Eve, one of the founders of Dominians United. I am Belgian but live in the UK and love to travel. Feel free to say hi, I’m @evelienh on twitter. I’m not sure where I find the time as I have a demanding full time job but here I am doing my best to keep you all updated on here! If you’re interested in helping out by posting as an author for us, get in touch!

I’m a big Tolkien fan and love Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy, so that’s how I got introduced to Dominic, as Merry. I have met a bunch of great people online who are now some of my best friends (my fellowship!). Basically, those movies have had a big impact on my life, and all the hobbits and everyone else involved have a special place in my heart. Since Dominic got his twitter account, I feel like he’s been so super generous on there. He’s really lovely, talented, and I love what he’s trying to accomplish with Wild Things. He also helped me and my friends out when we first started using #LOTRLoyals during a movie marathon! So that’s when I decided that I wanted to do something back for him. It started out with simply linking people to his FAQ page, and answering repeat questions on twitter…. and now it has grown to this blog and community. I just want to show him my support, and hope this helps him and his projects, even if it’s only in a small way.

About Emily: Hi all!  I’m Emily, one of the admins of Dominians United.  I am an undergraduate honors student at McDaniel College (in Maryland, but really close to Gettysburg, PA).  I’m a senior (GAH!) pursuing a major in psychology, a minor in American Sign Language, and a second, self-designed major in Gender and Sexualities if I can manage to get that approved in time (we’ll see).  On campus, I’m all up in feminist and sexual-and-gender-minorities issues.  I have a cat named Angie that I talk about way too much and I’m thinking of learning to knit.

I first heard of Dom in Lord of the Rings, which is like my favorite thing of all time, but I’ve also watched him in Lost, FlashForward, and every YouTube clip I could find (including a few in Japanese!).  He and the other Hobbits were the first celebrities I ever really found interesting – it never even occurred to me that there were real people behind any other character I’d loved.  I’m not sure why, but I found those four young men so charming that I just wanted to know more about them.  I scoured IMDb and random websites for information, but not until I found Basically Billy Boyd & Beecake, and now, Dominians United, did I have anyone to talk to about what I found.

After joining BBB and meeting the amazing group of people there, I was surprised that there was no similar group around for Dom.  Eve had been answering fan questions and promoting his works remarkably well all on her own, but there’s so many questions and projects to talk about that he could really use a fan team, not just one person!  Plus, there was no community for the Dominians to indulge in their admiration.  We decided to fix that, and now we’re here!

About Outi: Hello everyone 🙂 I’m a Finnish biologist (MSc, majored in zoology), currently living in Sweden and a big fan of Tolkien. I read LOTR when I was in fifth grade and kept reading it so much my father confiscated the book! Not surprisingly, the LOTR films were and still are huge for me and I’ve watched them countless times – extended editions of course.

I’ve enjoyed many of Dominic’s films and the Wild Things show is simply amazing, but he also impressed me as himself on Twitter. I saw him interacting a lot with fans, but noticed he gets more questions than he has time for. I respect how Dominic has managed to change many people’s perspectives about “creepy” animals with his Wild Things show. I mostly work with invertebrates, so this is a a subject that’s especially dear for me and I wanted to show my support somehow. I saw others helping Dominic by answering some of the questions he gets and started doing it myself too. Quite soon after that I ended up talking with Eve and Emily, so now I’m here 🙂 I hope that this way I can give my small thanks for everything Dominic has done.


One thought on “About Us

  1. I’ve watched everything I can get my hands on! He is an amazing person, as well as pure eye candy! I joined Twitter just to follow him (though none of my friends are on). I think he’s interesting, intelligent and a little badass.

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