UK premiere Pet @ FrightFest + Q&A

petTonight is the UK premiere of Pet at FrightFest, it will include a Q&A session with director Carles Torrens and cast member Dominic Monaghan.

There’s been a couple of new articles leading up to the event tonight:

An interview by AMFM Magazine with Carles, Ksenia Solo and Dominic. “In an ensemble filled with talent, Monaghan consistently stood out as the ‘heart’ of the show, the character we all rooted for.”  Read more here:

An interview by Terror Time with Ksenia and Dominic. “Whilst the narrative does feel overly familiar at first, DO NOT be put off, or fooled, as Torrens slips in some seriously unexpected curveballs.” Read more here:

New article by IGN with a new awesome clip from the film! Watch it and read more here:


Pet recently screened at a Miami film festival and besides Fright Fest in the UK will also be shown in Barcelona at the Sitges International Film Festival.

Official release date in the UK is TBC but scheduled around February 2017. See you tonight at the UK premiere??


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