New TV show coming up with Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd!


We’ve been seeing hints of this for a while now…

It looks like after Billy appeared on Dominic’s Wild Things show that we might be able to look forward to even more! Dominic Monaghan has just confirmed during interviews at the UK premiere of PET that there’s a new TV show coming up that he worked on together with Billy Boyd.

Travel / business of food show… sounds really good! From what I hear, it should be a project that’ll finally be revealed in 2017.


Catch up on Jimmy Kimmel Live show

Dominic+Monaghan+Dominic+Monaghan+Jimmy+Kimmel+Z9AnSe4FSQsl If you missed Dominic Monaghan on the Jimmy Kimmel Show this month (with Cate Blanchett!) then you can now catch up with it on their website by going to the following link:

Really funny episode, don’t miss it!

Dom was kind enough to hang out with some of his fans waiting outside! just goes to show how kind and awesome he is. Thank you, Super Dominian Taffy for letting me share your picture with Dom, I love it! See below some pictures of Dom arriving at the show.




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Dom back on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show

jimmy_kimmel_live_dominic_monaghan_part_2_season_8Dom himself broke the news that he will be back on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show TONIGHT (Thursday 7th January 2016), and he’s joined by no other than Cate Blanchett!!

If you’re looking for tickets to attend live, the waiting list is still open:

Otherwise, don’t forget to tune in or set your recorder tonight! No doubt he’ll be talking about the new season of Wild Things… but there’s sure to be some fun shenanigans between those two, not to mention a mini #LOTRreunion with Cate Blanchett!


Disney’s Sofia the First

Not many details available on this yet but Dominic posted something very interesting on Instagram not too long ago! Looks like our favourite hobbit duo have been working together again on a project, Disney’s Sofia the First!

“From hobbits to gnomes! Such a blast working together again on Disney’s #SofiatheFirst today! #togetheragain @billyboydActor”


Geeks Who Drink

geekswhodrinkSyFy’s new weekly game show Geeks Who Drink, hosted by Zach Levi, will feature some celebrity competitors this summer. Dominic Monaghan also joins the fun… let’s have some “LOST Island Iced Teas”. Ha!

The show airs Thursdays from 11-11:30PM ET/PT on SyFy. You’ll be able to watch the full episode after on the SyFy website. Dom’s episode’s air date is still TBD, but we’ll give you a heads up once we know more!



UPDATE: Aired Thursday 3 September 2015 and available to catch up online:


geekswhodrink4 geekswhodrink3





Dom on Katie Couric

Check out Dom on the Katie Couric show talking about Wild Things and he brought along some wild friends too!

Click the image below to watch Wild Things Live in Studio: