Travel Channel to start airing Wild Things

US fans, rejoice! This Thursday you’ll be able to catch up on season 2 of Wild Things on the Travel Channel! APR 23 Thurs 9 | 8c

“Additionally, Travel Channel has begun production on Season Three of “Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan,” the adventure series that follows actor and wildlife enthusiast Monaghan as he searches for the world’s most exotic animals. The first two seasons of “Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan” have been acquired by the network. ”


The team is still working on season 3 as we speak… follow some of their antics as they tease us with some sneak peaks and destination hints via Instagram: WILDTHINGSDOM  Looks like an awesome new season they’re working on, can’t wait!

season3-4 season3-3 season3-2 season3-1


4 thoughts on “Travel Channel to start airing Wild Things

  1. My family loves Dom and this show is outstanding. I am happy that a network picked it up but I’m sorry that it’s a network on a premium channel that I can’t afford.

    • sorry to hear that! Travel Channel is definitely a better fit for the show, but of course we’d rather have it available to everyone! The show is also available on iTunes and Amazon now so maybe that might be an option for you?

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