Q&A with #WildThings Frank the cameraman

frank5If you’ve been watching Wild Things you surely must have a fond love for Frank the cameraman, like we do! I hear many mention that the chemistry between Frank and Dom is part of the reason why the show is so fantastic. We hear Dominic talk about the show quite a lot in interviews but we wanted to reach out to Frank, especially since our previous blog about him “Frank the cameraman’s wild life” is still one of our most read blog items, and he was kind enough to answer fan questions 🙂

Did you and @DomsWildThings know each other before Wild Things or how did it come about that you started working on the show?

Frank: We both knew the TV executive…and he connected the dots.

So when you met Dom for the first time.. First impressions?

Frank: Dom was listening to Sigur Ros in his car and I thought at least we like the same music.

When do you find out where you’re going and what animal you’re looking for when filming the episodes?

Frank: In pre production we come up with target animals that we would like to interact with and that determines the countries we visit. Doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes we don’t find what we’re looking for and a big rethink is in order.

We all know @DomsWildThings is fearless but do you have any animals you are or were not too comfortable around?

Frank: Snakes used to freak me out! (Thanks mom) but Dom helped me get over that. Big reptiles still make me queasy.

What is it like as the cameraman when things go wrong, for example when Dom was bitten by monitor lizard in season 2?


Frank: Dom and I agreed in season 1 regardless of what happens…keep shooting. We have a very fine medic with us. it was still very emotional to see Dom injured like that. But it all turned out well and he has a pretty nifty scar.

What about you, do you have any epic scars from working on the show?

Frank: So far I have got off easy. No battle scars. I’m pretty light on my toes and the adrenaline keeps me sharp.

What was it like having an angry elephant charge towards you??


We always have to be on our toes.. I got sucked in that day…paying more attention to my viewfinder than my surroundings. I really thought my life was over. I went to a very quiet space and accepted my fate. But the miracle of Shultzie intervened. (Donald Schultz – medic that was with them when this episode was filmed, he distracted the elephant)

What does your family think of #wildthings? Especially when they hear all the “step back Frank”, “watch out Frank”?

Frank: It’s better that being shot at… I’ve spent most of my career in combat zones. My family prefers Wild Things to war.

I can see that! Wild Things sounds like a lot more fun too.

Frank: I love shooting with Dom and we have developed a pretty solid friendship over the years.


Are you excited for the new season airing in Canada (OLN) and US (Travel Channel)?

Frank: Very excited…we went to a lot of amazing places this season. Saw some incredible wild things and had some great times!

How has season 3 been different now that @travelchannel is on board, in terms of equipment etc you got to work with?

Frank: we moved to shooting on 4K and lots more drone to show off the landscape. Also experimenting with VR. (You can watch Wild Things in 4K in Canada on Rogers Channel 999)

That sounds like a lot of luggage to carry around!

Frank: 25 to 30 cases per trip. I loathe checking in. It’s truly the low point of our adventures. Takes hours!

Do you have a favourite season 3 adventure/memory?

Frank: Without giving too much away. Two cheetahs in South Africa. Mind blowing experience. Tune in and you’ll understand.


Can you remember any moments that were amazing but didn’t make it in the final cut or you somehow didn’t manage to capture it?

Frank: So many things don’t make the cut…but all the good stuff that doesn’t end up on the show appears online as bonus scenes. (Check them out at Travel Channel: http://www.travelchannel.com/shows/wild-things-with-dominic-monaghan)

What was it like having @BillyBoydActor traveling with you last season? Would you like more guests?

Frank: @BillyBoydActor was a truly decent human being! He even carried my camera when I was aching. Want more guests!!!


Will we ever see your face on the show? People are curious about the mystery cameraman Frank.

Frank: probably not. I’m not a big fan of being in front of the lens.


If you want to reach out to Frank and tell him how awesome he is, you can do so on twitter @Kolaporekid and Instagram! His official website is: http://www.frankvilaca.com/

Meanwhile awesome tshirts have been made in honour of Frank by @CrawliesWithCri – you can buy one too and part of your money will go to a charity chosen by Frank, the Kenyan guards protecting elephants against poachers!

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And don’t forget to tune into Wild Things on OLN Canada and Travel Channel USA!!


Wild Things season 3 promos and reviews

Dom is on a promo tour for the new season 3 of Wild Things. Here are some press excerpts so far:

dom1Travel Channel’s Dominic Monaghan Talks New ‘Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan’ Monsters&Critics

TV Picks For January 2016: We’re addicted to Dominic Monaghan’s wild adventures, as he fearlessly covers the globe while getting you a birdseye view of the remote nooks and crannies for a thrill amidst glorious nature and her creepy crawly bounty.  He’s irrepressible and the sort you would want to travel with, always upbeat.

Monsters and Critics had a few questions for the intrepid Monaghan, continue reading here: http://www.monstersandcritics.com/travel-channels-dominic-monaghan-talks-new-wild-things-with-dominic-monaghan/

Wild_ThingsDominic Monaghan hunts more Wild Things on OLN TV,eh?

I’ve always enjoyed Dominic Monaghan’s animal hunt-travel show. The aptly named Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan finds the spunky, energetic Lost actor as he hopscotches the planet seeking out dangerous, unique and odd-looking beasties from the animal world. Among the items on his checklist this season are the Indian Cobra, the flying lizard, giant whale sharks and the rare Aye-aye lemur of Madagascar.

Monaghan’s enthusiasm and dry sense of humour is what keeps me coming back to the series and the information he includes in each episode is just as entertaining as the subject matter. In Tuesday’s Season 3 return on OLN, Monaghan and his long-suffering Toronto-based cameraman Frank Vilaca trek to Belize in search of the Fer-de-Lance or Bothrops asper, an aggressive, six foot long reptile capable of leaping a third of its length to deliver a bite on prey.

Continue reading here: http://www.tv-eh.com/2016/01/04/dominic-monaghan-hunts-more-wild-things-on-oln/

Tune in Tuesdays on OLN Canada and from the 27th January on Travel Channel!

Wild Things 3 episode 1 catch up online on OLN

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2016 has kicked off with the premiere of the new Wild Things season 3 on OLN! So exciting!

BelizeOLNHappened to miss the first episode? Don’t worry, you can catch up online as OLN uploads all complete episodes to their website HERE. In the first Canadian episode, Dom and his team went looking for the fer-de-lance in Belize!


630x420xdominic_monaghan_wild_things_belize_02_jpg_75172_jpg_pagespeed_ic_tBynZFTOHSLast year, when the Wild Things crew were in Belize, local media and fans were happy to see them and they published a report you can read on AmbergrisToday HERE.

Rogers is also airing this season of Wild Things in 4K! This is the first show they’re offering their viewers in this format. Tune in every airing Wednesdays beginning January 6th at 9pm on Rogers channel 999. The next big thing in home entertainment, 4K brings viewers even closer to the action with four times the pixels of HD for higher resolution and improved motion video.

This all is for Canadian viewers only, US viewers will be able to watch their premiere of season 3 on the Travel Channel from the 27th January! Read up on a first interview with Dom here: http://www.travelchannel.com/shows/wild-things-with-dominic-monaghan/articles/about-the-show

International dates will follow… please be patient and #becurious, check back here for more info as we’ll update as soon as  we have any news!

David Brady of Cream Productions on Wild Things and a potential Season 3

cream wild-things-dominic-morgan-vietnam-3 cream-logo

David Brady of Toronto-based Cream Productions was on his way to work when he got a text from Wild Things host Dominic Monaghan.

“Do you think we’ll get us another season now that we’re nominated for an Emmy?” said Brady, recalling the message.
Brady texted back: “What?”

As executive producer of the OLN show, it was a “fantastic surprise” to get the message from Lost and Lord of the Rings actor Monaghan about their nomination for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, said Brady.

Brady only makes it out to the field once or twice a season and witnessing situations like this gave him an appreciation for series host Monaghan’s dedication to his audience. “He really does put himself on the line for the experience and gives that experience to viewers,” said Brady, noting that during filming for the second season, Monaghan was bit by a monitor lizard in Thailand which required 40 stitches to patch him up. It has been incredible to work with Dominic,” said Brady.

A third season hasn’t been confirmed yet but producers are in talks with BBC and the Emmy nomination may boost their bid, said Brady.
There is certainly no shortage of material to cover in another season, he adds. “Dominic is incredibly passionate and has lists and lists of things he wants to explore,” Brady said.

cream wild-things-dominic-morgan-vietnam-2 cream wild-things-dominic-morgan-vietnam-4


Bonus feature of #WildThings episode 3 and trailer of episode 4

Check out this bonus feature of episode 3 in Costa Rica!

The episode is now available on Amazon, iTunes and YouTube.

amazon Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 youtube

And here are sneak peek videos of episode 4 in Zambia where Dom is on a mission to find one of the most feared snakes on the planet, the enormous and deadly gaboon viper!



Don’t miss Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, Tuesdays on BBC America and OLN Canada!

BONUS feature of #WildThings episode 2 and trailer of episode 3

Check out this bonus feature of episode 2 in Australia!


The episode is now available on Amazon, iTunes and YouTube.

amazon Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 youtube

And here are sneak peek videos of episode 2 where Dom goes to Costa Rica looking for a Lemur Leaf Frog, and we can also look forward to some sloth love!

Don’t miss Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, Tuesdays on BBC America and OLN Canada!