Wild Things season 2 airs on BBC Earth Brazil

newwildthingsIn Brazil the second season of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan is currently airing on the BBC Earth channel: Wednesdays at 23h, with Thursday reruns at 10h56, and 17h28 (times GMT).

In this season, in the 3rd episode, Dominic also travels to Brazil (Manaus) and had a mission: to find the titan beetle, the largest beetle on Earth and very difficult to find due to its short lifetime. For the result of his expeditions in the jungle you’ll have to watch and find out!



100 code will NOT be renewed

100_code_main100 code, the “Nordic Noir” series starring Dominic Monaghan has unfortunately not been renewed for a 2nd season.

The series is a Swedish-German co-production and has been sold in many countries, with a relative success ratings. It hasn’t been made clear why the show won’t be renewed, but Dominic Monaghan confirmed it at London Film and Comic Con 2016 and on his twitter.


Wild Things mit Dominic Monaghan premieres in Germany


There’s a new countdown on the homepage, counting down the days until Wild Things premieres in Germany on ProSieben Maxx!

Wild Things mit Dominic Monaghan (season 2) will air starting the 23rd October – 10:35PM.


How can you watch Wild Things in your country? Check our list HERE

Wild Things premieres today on BBC Knowledge Asia

If you have BBC Knowledge Asia, today is Wild Things day for you!!! Tune in and tweet @DomsWildThings to let him know what you think! #BeCurious


Here are some media extracts from today:

Dominic Monaghan goes Wild

newwildthingsIt makes perfect sense for actor Dominic Monaghan to have his own wildlife TV show. After all, he’s got a thing for creepy crawlies: His childhood pets include a leaf mantis named Gizmo, an albino snake named Blink and a black widow spider named Wichita. Wild Things Season 2 premieres tonight (Sept 11), 9.55pm, on BBC Knowledge, StarHub TV Ch 407.
Read More: http://www.todayonline.com/entertainment/movies/dominic-monaghan-goes-wild

Dominic Monaghan gets Wild in nature documentaries

baaaaabysloth“Life is about experiences. I’m not interested in living a life that is safe or normal. I want to have extraordinary experiences. I have no time for fear. I’m not interested in that concept.” shared the 37-year-old actor in a phone interview from Stockholm, Sweden. Season Two of Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan airs every Thursday at 9.55pm on BBC Knowledge (HyppTV Ch 501).
Read More: http://www.thestar.com.my/Lifestyle/Entertainment/TV/News/2014/09/11/Dominic-Monaghan-gets-Wild-in-nature-documentaries/

Premiering Today: Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan S2 on BBC Knowledge

wildthings2-1A BBC America original series, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan S2 follows actor and wildlife enthusiast, Dominic Monaghan, as he confronts giant spitting cobras that can kill 20 men with one bite, massive six-ton charging elephants and vipers with two-inch fangs. Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan S2 premieres today at 9:55pm (SIN/HK) on BBC Knowledge (StarHub Channel 407).
Read More: http://www.okjdiscoveries.com/articles/2014/9/11/premiering-today-wild-things-with-dominic-monaghan-s2


Not sure if you have BBC Knowledge Asia? Here are all their channels:

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Cable TV: 49 | now TV: 220

Indovision: 200

HyppTV: 501

Chung Hwa MOD: 30
BBC Knowledge HD will be available via the HD 99 Package across all four platforms in Taiwan

StarHub TV: 407

South Korea
CJ HelloVision: 551 | C&M: 524 | SK Broadband: 406 | KT (Olleh TV): 172 | HCN Seocho Cable TV: 426

Truevisions: 18

OneTV: 37

HTVC: 56

Season 2 of #WildThings will air in the UK and Ireland

4d6c4-dominicmonaghanLast year Channel 5 aired the first season of Wild Things in the UK, but they chose not to continue the contract for season 2 (you can still stream season 1 On Demand by clicking HERE)

But English fans can rejoice now as Watch has acquired the second season, as well as Irish public broadcaster RTE.

All 10 episodes will air later this year on both channels. (Stay tuned!)

BBCW and BBC America executive producer, commissioning, Julie Swanston said British audiences love wildlife shows. “With Dom at the helm, it’s no surprise that Wild Things has become the latest of our original commissions to be picked up by a UK broadcaster.”

In the second series, Monaghan travels across the world searching for weird and wonderful creatures such as a giant spitting cobra, charging elephants and the creature with the longest fangs in the world.


Partez à l’aventure avec Dominic Monaghan sur Évasion

evasion3Évasion is currently showing the second season of Wild Things (L’étrange nature de Dominic Monaghan), it is a French language channel in Canada focusing on adventure and wild life shows.

“Les téléspectateurs de la chaîne Évasion sont invités à l’aventure au Brésil, en Thaïlande, au Japon et en Nouvelle-Zélande avec cette nouvelle saison de « L’étrange nature de Dominic Monaghan ».”


Watch the full first episode of season 2 (aired on 26/08/2014 8PM) in French HERE:


« L’étrange nature de Dominic Monaghan » de Évasion sur Vimeo.

The second episode “La vipère du Gabon” will air on Tuesday 02 September 2014, 20:00.

For more ways to watch Wild Things around the world, check out our extensive list HERE.



More ways to watch Wild Things

A few more items have been added to the constantly growing list of ways to watch Wild Things! (CLICK HERE for our updated list)


OLN Canada now allows you to watch the full episodes (and bonus features) on their website


BBC Knowledge is still airing the season 2 episodes in Australia and Dom wants you to tweet him your pics of you and your family watching the show!


And last but not least…. RTL Nitro in Germany has recently confirmed again that they will be airing Wild Things in Germany this year! (most likely end of the year)