mini LOTR reunion

In case you missed it… these pics were posted on Dom’s instagram account:

reunion1dom_monaghan_From left to right: handsome. Coy. Dippy. @billyboydactor @theoneringnet #becurious

reunion2dom_monaghan_We fought in a war. #neverforget #fellowship #becurious

reunion3dom_monaghan_There is a deep love. Not separated by ocean sky and sound. This love has always been. Always will be. #becurious

reunion4dom_monaghan_We are #love #lotr #becurious

reunion5dom_monaghan_My friends. You bow to no one. @boydbilly @billyboydactor #becurious

That last one…. right in the feels…. How amazing to see these guys hang out together still! “After all this time? Always.”

At London Film and Comic Con Dom mentioned this moment in his Talk session, saying he was trying to get Viggo to create an instagram account. More on that later, we’re working on an LFCC summary post!

Dom’s instagram account name has changed, follow him at: @Dom_monaghan_


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