Pet officially released: in cinemas and on demand

Dominic Monaghan’s new movie: Pet has officially been released in the US!

Watch it at a theater near you:


Or online on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and on Xbox.

Here’s the official trailer again:

So excited for Dominic to see this project finally released. He can be very proud of his performance, what a thrilling movie with unexpected turns that keeps you hooked until the very end! Really impressed with both him and Ksenia Solo.

International release still to come, meanwhile Amazon UK is taking pre-orders for the DVD with release date in March 2017.


Molly Moon release date announced

molly-moonThe movie Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism starring Dominic Monaghan as the bank robber Nockman will be available in select theaters, on VOD, and iTunes on August 14, 2015!

Originally filmed in London in 2013, it has been airing at a few selected film festivals but thanks to ARC Entertainment, who has acquired North American distribution rights, it will finally be more widely available in the US. AMC theatres have it listed already as coming soon.

The official synopsis reads: “‘Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism’ tells the story of a young orphan girl, Molly Moon, who comes across a book, ‘Hypnotism, An Ancient Art.’ Learning its lessons, she hypnotizes her way to stardom in London and becomes rich and famous. But little does she know that an unscrupulous man wants her book. He tracks her to London, kidnaps her dog, Petula, and blackmails Molly. In order to get her dog back, she must rob Shorings Bank of all its jewels and find the friends she has lost from her hypnotic journey.”

“We’re excited to bring this entertaining and magical family film to audiences of all ages,” said ARC Entertainment’s Head of Acquisition Scott Moesta. “The acclaimed ‘Molly Moon’ books have legions of fans and it’s wonderful to bring to life this story from the written word to the big screen.

On the movie’s official website Georgia Byng (the author) also mentions that the movie will be released in October in the UK, with other countries later this year. (The website also has some amazing stories and photos from behind the scenes, so definitely check it out!)

Here’s the trailer, and some great shots of Dom! Continue reading

Bonus feature of #WildThings episode 3 and trailer of episode 4

Check out this bonus feature of episode 3 in Costa Rica!

The episode is now available on Amazon, iTunes and YouTube.

amazon Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 youtube

And here are sneak peek videos of episode 4 in Zambia where Dom is on a mission to find one of the most feared snakes on the planet, the enormous and deadly gaboon viper!



Don’t miss Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, Tuesdays on BBC America and OLN Canada!

Streaming #WildThings on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube

Not only is the entire Season 1 of Wild Things available on the US iTunes, Amazon Instant and YouTube store..

wildthings1 Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 amazon youtube$13.99 for the full Season 1 IMDB

..You can now also sign up for a Season 2 pass on all 3!! Watch the new Season 2 episodes wherever and whenever you want!

wildthings2  Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004amazon youtube Season 2 pass from $16.99

“A true nature lover, Dominic with his courageous cameraman Frank, travel across four continents to far-flung countries in search of the largest, weirdest and most intense creatures alive – all in an attempt to ease fears of these often misunderstood animals. Crawling through dark caves, sailing the Amazon River, surfing the Costa Rican coast, and immersing himself in local culture, customs and cuisine makes for an adrenaline-pumping, wildly adventurous season. He will also be joined by his buddy Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) on a quest to New Zealand where they’ll search for the giant wetapunga and return to where it all began for the duo, Hobbiton, home of the Lord of the Rings world for a traditional Hangi feast.”

Give him a good rating on all of these while you’re there!!   Five Star Rating

Free screening of This is Spinal Tap with Dominic Monaghan commentary

Happy 30th Anniversary This is Spinal Tap!

From March 11 to April 11, fans will have access to the Yeah! iPad movie app and a free screening of the newly curated This Is Spinal Tap, available from the App Store on iTunes or at GET IT HERE.

Alongside Life of Brian, probably my favorite comedy film of all time. Utterly quotable and funnier and funnier the more you watch it. I watched it every day for well over a year. I know huge sections off by heart and do a pretty phenomenal Nigel Tufnel impression.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: So many to choose from! “Like lukewarm water.” “Crushed by a dwarf!” “What is the end is my question … to … you.”