Pet at Grimmfest Manchester

If you’re in the UK, your second chance to see Pet will be at the Grimmfest in Manchester – 7PM on the 8th October!

Single Screening tickets will be priced from £7.50 (no booking fee) and will be on sale with Day Passes (Prices TBA) soon on the official website:

firghtfestHere’s another FrightFest interview with Dom:

Horrorcultfilms: How did you go about crafting a character like Seth?

“Even when playing despicable characters there’s got to be a charisma – the charisma doesn’t have to be attractive, but there’s got to be something about them. With Seth he’s a lonely man and he’s trying to fix himself – that was my way in. Though it’s not implied strongly in the film he doesn’t have a relationship with his parents, he hasn’t got any friends, never had a girlfriend. We agreed he’s never had sex. So he doesn’t know how to act. Things we know you shouldn’t do, people would ask him not to, and he’d say ‘well why not?’ He just doesn’t know what to do. In a way, I find that beguiling: the naivety is his charm, and he gets himself in obviously very hot water.

My favourite part is when he talks about Pete Jackson thinking about getting hypnotised to watch LOTR as a fan for the first time!

Read more:


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