Dominic Monaghan Writes About Man United Exiting the Champions League

Dominic-Monaghan-374x479You may or may not know that as a life-long football fan and Manchester United supporter, Dominic Monaghan is also a columnist for PasteMagazine. He recently had this to say:

I’m fine with Manchester United exiting the Champions League.

It was gonna happen one way or the other. We can’t contend with Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. Hell, we can’t beat Manchester city or Juventus, Paris Saint-German or Valencia on a good day either.

But sliding out of a group that we should have topped seems incredulous for Manchester United and this is the real problem.

How far we have slumped. That it’s even possible. It wasn’t really that long ago that when Madrid or Munich or Barcelona drew us they thought, “Oh Crivens, let’s concentrate”.

We are a ghost of the team we once were. (cont.)

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UPDATE: Dom wrote another article in March 2016 titled “The Real Winners at Manchester United” – you can read that one HERE.

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