Dominic Monaghan Writes About Man United Exiting the Champions League

Dominic-Monaghan-374x479You may or may not know that as a life-long football fan and Manchester United supporter, Dominic Monaghan is also a columnist for PasteMagazine. He recently had this to say:

I’m fine with Manchester United exiting the Champions League.

It was gonna happen one way or the other. We can’t contend with Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. Hell, we can’t beat Manchester city or Juventus, Paris Saint-German or Valencia on a good day either.

But sliding out of a group that we should have topped seems incredulous for Manchester United and this is the real problem.

How far we have slumped. That it’s even possible. It wasn’t really that long ago that when Madrid or Munich or Barcelona drew us they thought, “Oh Crivens, let’s concentrate”.

We are a ghost of the team we once were. (cont.)

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UPDATE: Dom wrote another article in March 2016 titled “The Real Winners at Manchester United” – you can read that one HERE.

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Dominic Monaghan: Why Manchester United Must Keep Faith with Louis van Gaal

dommanOur favourite Paste Soccer columnist (and a lifelong Manchester United fan) Dominic Monaghan posted the following article today:

Let’s be honest: Manchester United are a very famous football team. An empire. A football team whose shirt can behaves as currency in foreign countries, and an icebreaker. They are a buzzword in football.

They are also in a sorrier state than I have seen in a long time.

Injury ridden. Low on confidence. Players forced to play out of position. Out of the Champions League and battling for fourth spot? This is Manchester United? After 20 years fighting to WIN the premier league and Champions League? I dread to think what stunning display our darling Cristiano Ronaldo could put on against us at the moment.

So why am I about to argue in favor of keeping faith with Louis van Gaal? Here’s why: ….. Read more HERE.

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Dom writes about Rooney

hobbitfootballDominic has been a frequent football columnist for PasteMagazine, as well as a life-long fan of Manchester United.

In his latest addition, he talks about Wayne Rooney:

Wayne Rooney, captain of Manchester United and England, has been subject to hateful press throughout his career, now more than ever. As a Manchester United and England fan, I am baffled.

Though Rooney is by no means perfect, nor does he claim to be, it seems to be the case that a highly paid person is subject to anything the media can thrown at him, however hurtful or untruthful it may be. Many absolute lies are printed in newspapers.

As captain of England he shows pride in the honor, does his best with the team that is selected around him, supports the manager and works harder than most. Anyone claiming that Rooney is lazy should look at his statistics as a professional footballer. He is elite and has always been that way. You cannot run as fast or as far as him so stop it. 

Read the full article on PasteMagazine HERE.

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Pastemagazine: Dominic on Manchester United management

Dom wrote another football column in PasteMagazine about the changes of management within Manchester United.

manuYou know Dominic Monaghan as Charlie from Lost or Merry from Lord of the Rings. But he’s also a Paste Soccer columnist and a lifelong Manchester United fan.

Did the board of Manchester United plan on being haunted for a season?
Did they intentionally bring in a manager to fail?
Did they hand a poisoned chalice to a man who they were willing to sacrifice?

David Moyes’ tenure at Manchester United was a failure in a variety of ways—so many high profile losses, and an awful vibe seemed to emanate from the team. But maybe this was exactly what the Manchester United board were looking for …

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Dom shares his passion for the #Worldcup, last installment


Thanks to the lovely people at PasteMagazine, we’ve been able to read Dom’s thoughts on the WorldCup 2014. Here is the last installment (if you missed the other ones, CLICK HERE to go to our archive)

“That’s it! All the tears and joy and glitter and fighting over the remote and sllllow action replays can be put on ice for another four years until we meet again in Russia. But what happened in the last two weeks of the World Cup?!”


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