More about Pet!

More great reviews and interviews following Pet’s UK premiere:

Dom appeared on Channel 5’s Saturday show – Click image below to go to the full episode. Dom’s part starts around the 1 hour mark.


On the red carpet:

I hope these reviews give you a little bit of a taste and get you excited about seeing Pet – having seen it myself now I think it’s brilliant. Keep an eye out for the official release dates!

Electric Shadows: “Twists, surprises and back and forth power shifts make this a riveting battle of wits and nerve, whose secrets are best left to discover for yourself.”

We Make Movies on Weekends: “With grim gory, the film is largely character driven and that’s the brilliance of it all. As Solo and Monaghan electrify their dialogue with emotion and a beguiling power-play, you’ll be immersed in the sinister world.”

Flickering Myth: “The pure genius of Carles Torrens’s Pet is that it constantly plays with audience expectations. Just when you think you’ve got Pet all worked out, Jeremy Slater’s script pulls out the rug, creating one of the best cinematic and storytelling experiences of 2016.”

Screen Daily: “A suspenseful mystery thriller which initially seems a straight lift from Fowles’ book, The Collector, but develops in other, surprising directions.”

And I’m bringing back an older interview from SXSW because… I can! And I forgot to post it when this came out.. Enjoy!


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