Dominic Monaghan – Manchester Mbassador!

manchesterdomThe new ‘Mbassadors’ programme was designed to help put Manchester on the map. Selected for the substantial work they’ve already done for city-region, these ambassadors will utilise their strong global networks to advance Manchester’s international profile.

Only seventeen Global Ambassadors have been confirmed, and Dominic Monaghan is one of them!

The programme will work with each ambassador ‘in a bespoke way’ to fit around their usual activity and travel, and expand their opportunities to promote the city region internationally.

Speaking at the launch this week, Sheona Southern, managing director of Marketing Manchester, part of Manchester Growth Company, said: “The Global Ambassador Programme has been a long-running ambition for Marketing Manchester and so it’s a real pleasure to be able to introduce it to you all tonight.”

“By enlisting some of Manchester’s most passionate and influential advocates, the programme will allow unique opportunities for encouraging inward investment, stimulating local pride, attracting and retaining talent, and ultimately developing the local economy.”

“The onus is now on the city-region to make the most of this opportunity to promote ourselves internationally. It’s up to our businesses to ask themselves where they can add value to expanding Manchester’s reach and improving the region’s international profile.”



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