Go Away with Dominic Monaghan (who wouldn’t??) by Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune just posted this article with one of the most enticing titles ever…

dom1Go away with … Dominic Monaghan

To read the complete article, please go to their website: http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/travel/sns-201601260000–tms–celebtrvctnct-a20160126-20160126-story.html

Q. What is your favorite vacation destination?


A. I like New Zealand, India, Thailand, Palau and Spain for culture, food, people, diving and friends and family.


Q. What are a few things you would recommend that tourists do there?

A. For New Zealand, head to Wellington, but then head for a trip around the South Island. You can’t beat its green rugged wilderness. In India, I like Goa. It’s a vegetarian food paradise and has great beaches. Head to the islands in Thailand, like Ko Samui or Ko Tao. Krabi is worth seeing and, if you want to splurge, Pimalai Resort and Spa. Palau is a scuba-diving mecca. Go enjoy the amazing wreck diving. Spain is rich in old European culture. Seville, Tarifa and Madrid are worth seeing, but I like Barcelona for the amazing buildings and tapas.


Q. What untapped destination should people know about?


A. Vejer de la Frontera is a gorgeous town on the southern tip of Spain that’s well worth seeing. The Greek islands deserve our love and have such a lovely pace of life and superb food. The quiet side of Crete and Kos are both nice. Laos and its capital, Vientiane, are untapped areas of Southeast Asia with friendly people, great food and superb opportunities to find animals.

Continued at The Chicago Tribune – can I just say I really enjoyed reading this article!

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