Canadian Promo Tour Wild Things Season 3

Dom is in Canada right now promoting his show Wild Things as the new season has started airing this month on OLN!

Here’s a summary of what we’ve found online so far:

BT Breakfast Show

Dom joined Dina Pugliese on the Toronto BT Breakfast show, watch the video on their website by clicking on the image (will open a new tab):


CTV Canada AM

On CTV news he also talks about the stitches he had to get after a bite from a large animal.. we all know what animal right because we’ve seen season 2, right? Click on the images to go to the videos (there are 2).


Daily Planet Show

I haven’t been able to watch this one but Dom should have been on the show on the 19th, so I’ll link you to watch that episode online and maybe you could let us know what it was all about!


The Social CTV

Dom also visited the ladies at The Social, you can watch the entire interview on their website by clicking the image below!


CP24 Breakfast

Dom discusses Wild Things Season 3 on the CP24 Breakfast Show, catch up with the episode online:


eTalk CTV

Say no more! I couldn’t find the evidence… but they do have the full episode on their website (look for the January 19th full episode):

1045 CHUM FM

Not just TV but also radio was part of the promo tour, read their blog here:
As far as I can tell, there’s no way to catch up with the interview though!

Space Channel – Inner Space

This seems like a fun show, love the name! Watch the interview they had with Dominic on their website:


That about rounds up what we’ve been able to find, enjoy! And if you’re in Canada…. tune into Wild Things on OLN, every Tuesday (or on Rogers in 4K every Wednesday!). USA, you’re next, are you excited for the premiere next week?? (27th January)


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