Follow Dom on Periscope

You can now find and follow Dom on Periscope!

He’s already done a short test where he introduced us to his rattle snake!

Just to remind you of his official accounts on social media (any others are most likely fake):

@domswildthings on Twitter
@wildthingsdom on Instagram
Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan on Facebook
domswildthings on Periscope
Dominicmonaghanfacts is his official WordPress blog with FAQ and movie reviews

Dominians United is an unofficial fan account, but we do try to keep you all updated with all the latest news and projects Dom gets involved with, and you can follow us or join our group too! 😉

Dominicmonaghanfan on WordPress
@dominiansunited on Twitter
Dominians United on Facebook (page with newsfeed)
Dominians United community on Facebook (a group of Dominians sharing photos, etc!)


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