100 code airs on Sky Atlantic in the UK

100codeThis week 100 code started airing in the UK on Sky Atlantic! The new crime series has had success in other European countries and is highly rated on IMDB (7.3/10 – 910 users).

Tune in every Wednesday at 10PM for new episodes (13 in total). It stars Dominic Monaghan as New York detective Conley traveling to Stockholm, Sweden to solve a new serial killer case as over the past twelve months young, blonde, blue-eyed women have been found dead in a meadow where Asphodel flowers grow.

Missed the first episode? Don’t worry, it’s available on Catch Up TV HERE! https://www.sky.com/watch/channel/sky-atlantic/100-code/

Those who have already seen the series and are eagerly awaiting a second season… there is no official confirmation but there are signs that the show has been renewed! There are similar rumours that the show will eventually air on a US TV channel, most likely HBO. Read more about that here: http://release-date.info/tv-series/100-code-season-2-release-date-3984008723/

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of the show, I recommend you like this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/code100TV/



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