100 code airs on Kanal 5 in Sweden

kanal5In Sweden, 100 code premiered on Kanal 5 last Thursday! (10th September 2015)

Tune in every Thursday, 9PM, or catch up online right after each episode airs via Kanal 5 Play:  www.kanal5play.se

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanal5sverige

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kanal5

In honor of this release, here’s an interview the Svenska Dagbladet posted with Dominic Monaghan:

Is it true that you run away from Paul McCartney?

– Yes, I was at the Oscars with actor Pia Jackson, who McCartney wanted to meet. So when he was on his way, I said that I had to leave, it was just too scary and I did not want to be disappointed. I repent not having my picture taken there with a guy I admire.

What do you think of Stockholm, where you recorded “100 code”?

– Great city, similar to Manchester, where I grew up. The same fickle weather with rain, wind, and gray clouds. Good subway and many sushi places. Cool city, but expensive. When I walk around I like to listen to Kent, Robyn and Abba.

Is Michael Nyqvist any good?

– Incredible guy, but I do not think he is a classic Swede, but rather European. Actually a little Italian and French. He is funny and generous. I was invited to his house during midsummer, and we sang and danced like crazy around the bar, singing about small frogs, ate herring and caviar. Then Mike got us to take off all our clothes and bark like dogs.



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