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100 code – the story : New York – Stockholm

Over a period of 16 months, blonde, young women are found murdered. The location of the bodies is always in a field with Asphodeline and near water.

Because the New York Police Officer Thomas Conley (Dominic Monaghan) finds similarities between a series of murders in the US and a death in Sweden, he travels to Stockholm. Mikael Eklund (Michael Nyqvist) is assigned to the case in Stockholm – after having adopted it only under protest before leaving the police for a job at a security company. The two unequal cops meet with great suspicion and animosity , as they start the search for the girl killer.

A first track leads to the Greek myth the abduction of Persephone by Hades, the god of the underworld. Soon Conley and Eklund are on the heels of a first suspect, but they have no idea what danger lies behind the murders. Dark and exciting, as 100 code unfolds this complex story, it’s not just a mysterious, deadly network that the two very different investigators have to deal with, but they also struggle with their own demons. Eklund believes he hasn’t been a great father to his daughter, Hannah. Hannah’s mother recently passed away from cancer and her death takes a toll on her relationship with her father. She starts to develop a rebellious side, and wants to get her dad to notice her. Meanwhile Conley feels responsible for the death of his girlfriend.

The twelve-part thriller series airs from 19 March every Thursday at 21.00 on Sky Atlantic HD and will be viewable via Sky Go, Sky Online and Sky Anytime. The episodes are available either in the original version or in German dubbing. On March 14, at 20.15, Sky Crime presents an exclusive preview of the pilot episode.

HBO Nordic premieres The Hundred Code on the 6th March. The series has also been confirmed to air on the following channels so far: Italy (Premium Crime), Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark (HBO Nordic, as well as Kanal 5 in Sweden and MTG in Denmark), Iceland (365 Media).

Genre: Thriller series
12 Episodes
Director: Bobby Moresco
Stars: Michael Nyqvist, Dominic Monaghan, Felice Jankell.
Based on the novel ” Merrick ” by Irish author Ken Bruens

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3 thoughts on “more details on #100code plot

    • it really depends on the success of the show. It’s a Swedish show but they deliberately used a more international plot (and Dom as an English speaker) to make it have potential for other countries. But if the ratings are really low, no US channel will buy it. Hopefully it’ll be a big hit, especially on HBO Nordic (as they could then easily transfer it to HBO USA)

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