Generation Sky

generationskyDom attended the Generation Sky event, hosted by the German pay-tv station Sky in Munich, Germany on the 30th October 2014.

The TV provider set up a creepy showcase for #100code, as they are co-producing this new series, and flew over Dom for the occasion. “Suddenly, the light fell on a glass plate in the ground: Under the guests feet a woman in white dress signaled desperately that she was not dead.” All VIPs were also able to enjoy an exclusive private concert: the “Fantastic Four”.

When asked what he loves about Germany especially, Dom replied: “Sauerkraut”. His childhood was spent in Good Old Germany: “I lived up to my tenth year in Berlin,” he said. “I understand the language, but I prefer doing interviews in English.” At the party he was in good hands: “I use all kinds of things: iPhone, iPad, laptop,” he recounted. “I travel a lot, so I have my office always with me.” In Munich, he was only on a flying-visit “Tomorrow it goes on to Barcelona and from there to Peru – in the jungle. I have a TV show about wild animals, “he said.

Sounds to me like a third season of Wild Things is confirmed then!! No official press release yet though.

While we wait… here are some pictures from the German event!

generationsky2 generationsky5 generationsky2 generationsky4  generationsky6 generationsky generationsky3



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