#100code Moresco and key cast including Dominic Monaghan travel to Mipcom in Cannes, France for a series of press events

Scandinavian crime series “100 Code”, created by Bobby Moresco, who won an Oscar alongside Paul Haggis for “Crash”, travels to Mipcom in Cannes, France. Red Arrow will bring Moresco and key cast including Dominic Monaghan there for a series of press events.

Red Arrow is looking to bring the best of the U.S. and Europe tog­ether in 100 Code. With an American showrunner, Bobby Moresco, and stars Dominic Monaghan and Michael Nyqvist, the show explores the partnership between a New York City cop and a Swedish detective in investigating a series of murders in Stockholm.

The new images and sneak peek video of 100 code look fantastic so far!

Click to view video in new window.


100_code_coverupdate 100_code_0017 100_code_0050 100_code_0043 100_code_0034 100_code_0051






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