Dom writes about Rooney

hobbitfootballDominic has been a frequent football columnist for PasteMagazine, as well as a life-long fan of Manchester United.

In his latest addition, he talks about Wayne Rooney:

Wayne Rooney, captain of Manchester United and England, has been subject to hateful press throughout his career, now more than ever. As a Manchester United and England fan, I am baffled.

Though Rooney is by no means perfect, nor does he claim to be, it seems to be the case that a highly paid person is subject to anything the media can thrown at him, however hurtful or untruthful it may be. Many absolute lies are printed in newspapers.

As captain of England he shows pride in the honor, does his best with the team that is selected around him, supports the manager and works harder than most. Anyone claiming that Rooney is lazy should look at his statistics as a professional footballer. He is elite and has always been that way. You cannot run as fast or as far as him so stop it. 

Read the full article on PasteMagazine HERE.

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