Pastemagazine: Dominic on Manchester United management

Dom wrote another football column in PasteMagazine about the changes of management within Manchester United.

manuYou know Dominic Monaghan as Charlie from Lost or Merry from Lord of the Rings. But he’s also a Paste Soccer columnist and a lifelong Manchester United fan.

Did the board of Manchester United plan on being haunted for a season?
Did they intentionally bring in a manager to fail?
Did they hand a poisoned chalice to a man who they were willing to sacrifice?

David Moyes’ tenure at Manchester United was a failure in a variety of ways—so many high profile losses, and an awful vibe seemed to emanate from the team. But maybe this was exactly what the Manchester United board were looking for …

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4 thoughts on “Pastemagazine: Dominic on Manchester United management

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