Dominic Monaghan covers the World Cup – update

Dom is covering the world cup for Paste Magazine, as one of his passions is football (and he’s quite knowledgeable too!). Check his previous articles HERE, and the new update below.

Dominic Monaghan: Halftime at the World Cup

dominic_monaghan2 footballAnyone wondering about the interest in this sport need look no further than the reaction of the countries graduating out of the group stage. This is nowhere even close to WINNING the World Cup, it only means you are one of the best 16 teams in a 32-team tournament. Yet grown men weep, ladies kiss flags, young children get scared by the noise. It is a massive achievement and shows Just. How. Hard. It is to WIN the cup. This is a world battle! And congratulations to all who made it to the halfway mark.

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4 thoughts on “Dominic Monaghan covers the World Cup – update

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