100 code filming continues until October – with video

100 Code – here’s what we know!What: A Swedish-American co-production to be shown on Swedish Kanal 5 and German Sky. The premiere date is not set but expected to be sometime in 2015, in twelve sections of 45 minutes, as the recordings will be ready in October. The series has not been shopped around yet in other countries (including USA) but there are plans to expand internationally.

Overview: The series’ premise is a serial killer who seems to have moved from New York to Stockholm. NYPD Tommy Conley follows the trail to Sweden and is forced to cooperate with Swedish cop Michael Eklund. It’s described as a fairly traditional cop series but from a new angle, as it is more about relationships than who is the killer.

Cast: Among others, Michael Nyqvist, Dominic Monaghan, Felice Jankell, Heidi Ruud Ellingsen, Cecilia Pour, Danilo Bejarano.

Screenplay: The screenplay was written by Oscar winner Bobby Moresco who also directs the first three sections, then Andreas Öhman and Jonathan Sjöberg will take over. Produced for Kanal 5 by Henrik Bastin.

Language: Around 35 per cent in Swedish, when Dominic Monaghan is not on screen, but otherwise in English.

Mike and Dom recently spent Midsummer celebrations together, that should have been a fun experience!

midsummar midsummar2 midsummar3

Check out our full 100 code photo set HERE.

“Mike [Nyquist] is awesome and cool, I have admired him for a long time. He is an actor that takes what he does seriously,” says Dominic Monaghan to Metro Sweden. He has nothing against the idea of living in Stockholm if the series gets more seasons – on the contrary, he loves the city.

Click the image below to go to a video of Dom and Mike in action on set! (In Swedish!)


If you’re in Sweden, there are opportunities to be an extra in the series.

CLICK HERE to read the story of Danijela Hodges who recently played a small role and worked with Michael Nyqvist on a few scenes.




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