News from the #100code set

100codenew2Michael Nyqvist, Dominic Monaghan and a bunch of film cameras. A residential area in Huddinge turned into a film location last Friday for a Swedish-American crime series. They are here to shoot a forensic scene for new series 100 Code to appear on Channel 5 and HBO Nordic.

The TV series (12 episodes – 45 mins each, predominately in English, promising brutal scenes and nude scenes) will be the most expensive recorded in Sweden. Monaghan talk about “sexy scandi drama”. “During the last 6-8 years I have thought that Scandinavian crime fiction series are the best and sexiest in the world. So it’s great to make such a series. With Michael, moreover, who was in the Millennium films.” he said. Movies such as “The girl with the dragon tattoo” and television shows like “The Killing” and “The Bridge” have opened the international public’s eyes to the Scandinavian crime drama potential. Sky Germany and Swedish Kanal5 now aim to broaden the scope with “100 code”.

100codenewIn this series, which is currently being filmed around Stockholm, a hot-tempered police detective from New York (Dominic Monaghan) travels to Sweden to solve a brutal murder spree case. He doesn’t get along with his colleague, a very proper and conscientious Swedish police officer (Michael Nyqist), but they must work together to stop the serial killer. Both investigators also have to deal with their own demons from the past. Eklund believes he hasn’t been a great father to his daughter Hannah (played by Félice Jankell, daughter of actor Thorsten Flinck). In the series, Hannah’s mother recently passed away from cancer and her death takes a toll on Hannah’s relationship with her father. Hanna starts to develop a rebellious side, she wants to get her dad to see her. Meanwhile Conley feels responsible for the death of his girlfriend. “My character Tommy Conley is energetic, uncompromising, and has a hot temper, so there will be much fighting when he should be working together with a very accurate Swedish cop,” says Dominic.  “It will be interesting to see these two people who hate each other interact, and still respecting each other’s skills,” adds Michael Nyqvist.

Stockholm plays the third lead role. Stockholm residents will get to see much of their town in the series,” says Bobby Moresco. The team are filming almost everywhere in the city and in many of the southern suburbs. The screenplay was originally based on an Irish cop who comes to New York. It was the Swedish producer Henrik Bastins’s idea to turn it into a New York cop who comes to Stockholm. After two weeks of research in Stockholm director Bobby Moresco was sold on the idea. “Stockholm’s beauty is a perfect contrast to the evil that exists beneath the surface,” says director Bobby Moresco.

100codenew4The series is a few shades darker than you are used to from the Swedish crime genre, and is more likely to be reminiscent of the U.S. hit series “True Detective”. “Who knows, maybe we are the new, True Detective, ‘” Monaghan says hopefully. Dominic can also well imagine that the production will meet the taste of American audiences. In the land of unlimited possibilities TV series such as  “Sopranos,” “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones” have blossomed in recent years. These relentless series are often equipped with bloody and amoral characters. Not only are there the HBO managed cult series but also series from new players such as Netflix or Amazon video service. “This is the future, the world is getting smaller and smaller,” says Bobby Moresco. Currently no U.S. channel has signed on yet, but to begin with “100 code” will start airing in Sweden, Germany and Austria in 2015.

To prepare for his gloomy role in the Swedish crime series, Dominic Monaghan has spent a lot of time alone. He played Skyrim on the computer, has seen many sad movies, read a lot of sad books and gloomy poems. Dante’s Inferno and thrillers from Scandinavia, of course. Jo Nesbø has pleased him particularly as well. A miracle that the actor still can laugh. On the set of 100 code in the Stockholm suburb of Huddinge he jokes that he would love to play in Game of Thrones, no matter what role, preferably anything to do with the blonde beauty Daenerys Targaryen.

How does it feel for Michael Nyqvist, after roles in “Mission impossible” and “John Wick” to play in an international television series on home turf? He is proud, he says, but not surprised. “Something happened when we did the “Millennium” series. People started to come to us instead, we did not have to go abroad. They discovered that we have fantastic actors – now I am not talking about myself – and an ancient tradition of storytelling on film.”

100codenew3Their characters might clash sharply but it seems the two actors are having fun. Michael Nyqvist and Dominic Monaghan have spent time together both on and off set, and even compared “war injuries” with each other. Dominic recently had to get 40 stitches after being bitten on the arm of one of the wild animals that he sought in their own BBC series “Wild things” earlier this year. (Read more about that HERE) “Though he was bitten by a venomous lizard, I still win,” says Michael Nyqvist, pointing to a scar on his forehead, a souvenir of “John Wick” when he was injured in a stunt scene and had to get 80 stitches in his head. “I’ve invited Dominic to celebrate midsummer with me in the archipelago. I have exaggerated our celebration a little and said that we dance around a phallic symbol and take a sauna naked. I think he is a bit tense,” says Michael Nyqvist and laughs.

Lots of new 100 code photos, we’ve collected as many as possible so far in THIS photo gallery!



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