Dominic Monaghan shares his passion for football #WorldCup

Tomorrow the first game in the 2014 World Cup will start off the competitions!! Dom has always been passionate about football, and is very knowledgeable about it too. So the smart people at PasteMagazine have given him the opportunity to regularly write some features, here is their interview, and Dom’s first entry:

Dominic Monaghan: Why I Support Man United

dominic-monaghan-soccer-mainJackson: So will you be watching the World Cup on the set of 100 Code?
Monaghan: It’s my favorite sporting competition of all time. I used to take time off, take that month off when it happened, just to enjoy the football, but I’ll be working in Sweden. We already have the office set up with a TV, so that when we’re doing studio work we can run backward and forward and watch the game.

To read the full article, go HERE.


Why England Won’t Win the World Cup


We are England. We invented the sport. We came up with the rules. We named it soccer. We call it football. In 1966, we won the World Cup. There was a time when we were masters of the sport, when men like Alf Ramsey and Stanley Matthews were innovators and trailblazers. We established formations, tactics and built glorious stadiums. Most are still standing.

But we had made a fatal error: The game was too simple to play. Too easy to fall in love with. Too good. And so it became the “world’s game”. And the chance of us winning a World Cup again slipped further away.

To read the full article, go HERE.

Stay tuned for regular updates!! Enjoy the #WorldCup!


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