MovieZine at the first day of recording for 100 code

swedenMovieZine got an exclusive report of the first day of shooting of “100 Code” from executive producer Henrik Bastin.

On Monday 5th May 2014 the shooting started of the Swedish/American detective series “100 Code” in Stockholm.

Starring: Dominic Monaghan and Michael Nyqvist playing two completely different murder investigators: a hothead on loan from the New York police (Dominic) versus a conscientious and morose police inspector who lost his spark (Michael). Their differences notwithstanding, they must work together to catch an elusive serial killer who wreaks havoc in the capital.

“Code 100″ is the brainchild of Oscar winner (for ” Crash,” 2004), writer-director Bobby Moresco, and produced by inter alia, Factory Entertainment, Red Arrow International and SBS Discovery TV. The CEO of Factory Entertainment, Henrik Bastin, was there on the first day of shooting, acting as executive producer for the series. He talks to MovieZine exclusively:

What is it like on the first day? What is the atmosphere?
“It is always exciting with a first day of filming, but in this case extra special, because it took almost two years for me and Bobby Moresco from when we talked about the idea to now being here on a sunny island Kungsholmen in Stockholm. It is finally really happening. It’s really fun!”

Where in Stockholm will ” 100 Code” be filmed?
“All over the city, inner city, the archipelago and the suburbs – we have a week of recordings in New York, but otherwise it’s just in the Stockholm area!”

What does Dominic Monaghan know about Sweden so far? Did Michael Nyqvist teach him all the Swedish swear words he needs?”
“Dominic seems to love Stockholm and Sweden so far. Spring and early summer in Stockholm is hard to beat and he is single… He is learning an adequate amount of swear words, and it’s not just Fox that helps!”

What is your dream scenario for “100 Code”?
“To make a strong and gripping drama series that will work just fine for a Swedish audience as for an international. It is the goal!”

“100 Code” will premiere on Channel 5 in Sweden next year.


And to end with some pictures from Dom’s twitter!

sweden1 sweden2 sweden3


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