Nöjesbladet visits #100code – first photos!


Nöjesbladet, Swedish magazine, visited with Michael Nyqvist and Dominic Monaghan while training for the new series “100 Code.”

Dominic Monaghan about gun training before the series. “It must look like we know what we’re doing. If it looks like we are just trying to be cool we look ridiculous,” he says.

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The show is about two burly policemen from two completely different cultures. When Tommy Conley, played by Dominic Monaghan, investigates a series of murders in New York, new similar cases pop up in Stockholm. Conley travels to Sweden, where he must collaborate with Michael Eklund, played by Michael Nyqvist. The two clash.

“My character does not dig this Yank one iota. He thinks he wears silly clothes and takes himself too seriously”, says Michael Nyqvist, 53.

In preparation for the role, Michael Nyqvist watched a lot of interviews with criminals as well as policemen. “I’ve spoken to the police and have checked out a lot of interviews with different types of murderers,” he says.

Dominic Monaghan is to many perhaps best known as the hobbit “Merry” in “Lord of the Rings” films. He came to Stockholm two weeks ago and is very often recognized in town. “People here are quite polite. And when they drink, they start to cry and to take pictures,” Dominic says. By October, he will still be in Sweden and is currently renting himself an apartment in VASASTAN.  He also went into detail what his ideal Swedish wife would be like. (click on the image below to go to the video).


Series creator, director Bobby Moresco (” Crash,” “Million Dollar Baby “), has based ” Code 100 ” on Ken Bruens book “Merrick”. With Michael Nyqvist in the role of a Swedish policeman he believes the series will attract many viewers.

“He’s an international name. You do not just want someone who is perfect for the role, but someone that will make people want to watch the show”, he says.

After an accident during the filming of “John Wick ” Nyqvist got 80 stitches in his head. Today he is doing well, but the accident took its toll on him. “It hit me more on the inside than on the outside. I had tremendous luck, it was a really scary experience”, he says, “I have suddenly realized that people don’t live forever. Life is short and I just want to do what I think is interesting and fun, along with people I enjoy. I have gained a greater curiosity.”

The series 100 code is due to be broadcast on Kanal 5 next year (2015).

Monaghan about his character:
“He is cool and from New York with a lot of attitude . He thinks he can handle it all. But he has some darkness in him. He has been involved in two deaths and drinking a bit too much and spends too much time alone.”

Nyqvist about his character:
“He’s very angry, close to stepping over the border. He tries to control himself and he feels he should be doing something else now.”



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