Larry Fessenden on Dominic Monaghan –

isellthedead2dIn a recent exclusive interview on, Larry Fessenden, writer, producer, director, actor and musician, talks about working with Dominic Monaghan on I Sell the Dead and even mentions Wild Things! This is what he had to say:

HMPod: Is Dominic as funny as he seems? Apart from Lord of the Rings, I am a big fan of his from Lost. He seems able to do drama and comedy equally well.

LF: Dom is such a smart guy and very passionate. He’s acted since he was a child, so he has an ease about the camera which lends itself to comedy. He’s got an impish charm and felt at home on our informal set. We started shooting the day his character on Lost was killed, so I think we caught him at a relaxed transitional time.

Check out his nature show, Wild Things. Dom is using his celebrity and smarts to celebrate the wonders of creepy crawly things. His exuberance is infectious.

To read the whole interview, go here:


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