Zap2it: One Direction fans scarier than any wild animal

‘Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan’: One Direction fans are scarier than any wild animal


Zap2it: What animal or creature scares you?
Dominic Monaghan: One Direction fans. The reason I answer like that — I don’t really have an answer for the animal world. Humans are very unpredictable and tell you they are OK when they are not. There is no animal in the world that I would not want to have a close interaction with. People seem to be the most scared of snakes, spiders and sharks. There is not one I would not get as close to, but I would not want to be in a small, padded room with nine One Direction fans. They are so shrill, and you cannot tell them anything.
Zap2it: What is the most danger you have been in?
Dominic Monaghan: In terms of an animal, the elephant moment (one charged the “Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan” crew and rangers) was an eye-opener for all of us because you have to be aware that they are always wild, and you have to be respectful. Next time that happens, we cannot think about the show but about our personal safety.
Zap2it: Does a voice inside your head ever kick in and say, “Hey, I better move back”?
Dominic Monaghan: I never get “I don’t belong here.” I do listen to that voice very carefully all the time. It is the natural world, and I think we belong there much more than we belong in a metropolis and concrete flats. That is where we should be. What the voice tells me is: “Be careful! It is going to bite.”

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