Dominic Monaghan’s Top 10 movie choices

Dominic Monaghan’s Top 10

dominicmDominic writes, “I’m embarrassed to say most of my film choices seem to be from the ‘modern world.’ I look forward to be beaten over the head by the Criterion people with older movies I should know. My wonderful dad sparked my love of film. Can’t buy that gift. With that in mind, here we go.”


1. Hoop Dreams – Steve James

I’m a documentary freak. Two-thirds of the movies I watch are documentaries. Hoop Dreams is a sweeping, stirring, myopic study of two young men on differing paths, both with dreams of becoming NBA players. It is, of course, not so much about basketball as the personal and social struggles of two young men attempting to do what so many young men try to do every year. Uplifting and tragic, it may be the best sports documentary ever.

2. Sid & Nancy – Alex Cox

Gary Oldman must rank as one of or—in my opinion—the most talented actor of his generation. Here, as per normal, he is intoxicating, as Sid Vicious, the “bass player” for the Sex Pistols. England in the ’80s. Drugs. Music. Fashion and baked beans. What’s not to love? Blink and you will miss Shane MacGowan from the Pogues, and Courtney Love.


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