On the dangers of Wild Things..

In this interview Dom addresses the dangers that come with doing his show Wild Things, and talks about some of the close calls in season 2.


2 thoughts on “On the dangers of Wild Things..

  1. After watching the above and also as the mother of a son about Dom’s age, I have two questions;

    A. What do Dom’s parents think ?
    B. Can he even get insurance ; )

    • he has spoken about both of those!
      Apparently his parents are used to it because that’s how he has traveled for years now, they get more nervous when he’s on a plane (even though that’s the safest way to travel!). His mother is a nurse and his father a science teacher so they’re both rational about it and not only encourage but share some of his passions.

      He did struggle getting insurance, but they said to the insurance companies: “he is going to do this, whether you insure him or not… so you might as well insure him!” It worked, haha 🙂

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