Dominic Monaghan Talks WILD THINGS, His Passion for Animals, Love of Nature, and More | Collider

Dominic Monaghan Talks BBC America Series WILD THINGS, the Challenge of Getting the Show Off the Ground, His Passion for Animals, and More

wildthingscolliderOn Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, actor and wildlife enthusiast Dominic Monaghan faces giant spitting cobras that can kill 20 men with one bite, massive six-ton charging elephants and vipers with two-inch fangs that most people run from.  He travels across four continents, in search of the largest, weirdest and most intense creatures alive, all to both educate and show respect for these often misunderstood animals.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, Dominic Monaghan talked about what a cool experience it is to make this show, how people love watching the show but think he’s a little mental for doing it, why he’s so drawn to nature and the natural world, why he was inspired to do this show, how challenging it was to get the show going in the first place, the places he wants to go but hasn’t gotten to yet, the stand-out moments, that he’d like to continue doing some form of this show for the rest of his career, and how, even though fans will always want to talk to him about Lost and The Lord of the Rings, people also talk to him about Wild Things, as well.  He also talked about his next acting gig, the 12-episode crime drama 100 Code, in which he plays an NYPD detective advising on a string of strange deaths in Sweden.

Check out what he had to say: Dominic Monaghan Talks WILD THINGS, His Passion for Animals, Love of Nature, and More | Collider.


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