What gear Dominic Monaghan doesn’t travel without

Safe to say… Dominic Monaghan travels a lot! Connected Rogers sat down with him to talk tech during his recent visit to Toronto. So what is some of his favourite gear?

1. Mophie Juice Pack
Monaghan chases some pretty rare creatures for Wild Things. A fervent Instagrammer, Monaghan’s account would be pretty boring if his smartphone’s battery died all the time. “I travel with an iPhone, “ he says. “But because we’re in countries where you might not be able to get to a charging station too quickly, I tend to travel with a Mophie Juice Pack, which gives me about 125% more battery life than I would have. It’s a little protective, as well.”

oakleySOG2. S.O.G. Knives & Flashlights
“I work with a company called S.O.G. (Special Operations Group), they provide all of my flashlights and knives,” says Monaghan of the lightweight, portable, rugged, waterproof gear. “You’re in situations where you need to cut yourself free from stuff,” he adds, “or where you need to cut vegetation away to try and get close to something. They need to be sharp.”

3. Kindle Fire HD
Spending a lot of time on planes, trains and automobiles, there’s always time to kill. “I travel with a Kindle, which has an Otterbox case surrounding it,” says Monaghan. “Obviously the Otterbox keeps things waterproof, splash-resistant and shockproof. The Kindle’s really good because not only can you read books with it, but you can watch movies and TV shows.”

4. Headhpones
An avid music lover, Monaghan confesses, “I go through a lot of headphones. I travel with a lot of different types. I have the Studio Beats by Dre, but I don’t travel with them as much because I don’t want to get them damaged, as they’re a little more fragile.” Monaghan also travels with assorted Skullcandy gear, citing the products’ price point as a key feature – which, thankfully, doesn’t mean compromising when it comes to sound. “They need to be lightweight, relatively tough and the sound needs to stay at a good quality.”

5. Twitter
“I got in to Twitter because of the show, because I want it to hit as many people as possible,” Monaghan says. It’s also helped him connect with his fans – many of whom thank him for helping them overcome their fears and phobias. “People were writing back to me saying, ‘I don’t run away from snakes anymore, I can watch spiders on TV, I’m not scared of moths or butterflies, or wasps or bees or ants or all that kind of stuff,’” he says.

6. Gaming
“When I’m home I play FIFA, GTA 5 and Skyrim. I’ve clocked over 250 hours on Skyrim,” says Monaghan, who owns a PS3 but has his eye on a PS4. “I love Skyrim. It’s almost like a romantic feel for me, very beautiful and natural, so I am very drawn to it.”


Read more: http://www.connectedrogers.ca/news/my-stuff-dominic-monaghan/


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