BBC America ‘Wild Things’ with Dominic Monaghan Is Riveting and Fun

Great review on Wild Things! BBC America ‘Wild Things’ with Dominic Monaghan Is Riveting and Fun.

TV Picks: BBC America’s “Wild Things” is a must-see for the whole family. It was one of the most watchable and compelling screeners in a pile of not-so-great TV series looming on many networks.  The new season of ‘Wild Things’ will begin March 25 on BBC America 


BBC America ‘Wild Things’ with Dominic Monaghan Is Riveting and Fun

Season two of the adventure series sees Dominic with his courageous cameraman Frank, travel across four continents to far-flung countries in search of the largest, weirdest and most intense creatures alive – all in an attempt to ease fears of these often misunderstood animals.  They trek to Africa, Asia, Australia and South America in search of the most riveting excursions to find the weirdest and most intense creatures alive, with respect and admiration from Monaghan, who really has a special gift with creatures great and small.

Monaghan gets us up close with giant spitting cobras that can kill 20 men with one bite, and heart racing footage with massive six-ton charging elephants.

A naturist and PETA supporter, Monaghan is part Steve Irwin, part Jeff Corwin and intrepid as hell, born in Germany, raised in the UK and traveled the world over. His Robinson Crusoe childhood life was where his love for the crawly, creepy things was cultivated.  He’s a real explorer, and there’s even a new species of spider named after him!

Crawling through dark caves, sailing the Amazon River, surfing the Costa Rican coast, and immersing himself in local culture, customs and cuisine makes for an adrenaline pumping, wildly adventurous season. He will also be joined by his buddy Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) on a quest to New Zealand where they’ll search for the giant wetapunga and return to where it all began for the duo, Hobbiton, home of the Lord of the Rings world for a traditional Hangi feast.


“Season two of Wild Things takes you closer to the action,” says Dominic Monaghan, host and executive producer. “The adventures and interactions with the animals ramp up in intensity. The pace is faster and the animals are bigger, wilder and closer than ever before. And blood. There will be blood.”

Dominic Monaghan is no stranger to danger. In season one, he backpacked through the rainforests of Ecuador, cave dived in Venezuela and swam with crocodiles, all to locate the scariest and most exotic animals on the planet. Along the way, viewers experienced an adventure complete with vibrant locals, quirky experts, tasty cuisine and a host of fascinating creatures.

Read more: BBC America ‘Wild Things’ with Dominic Monaghan Is Riveting and Fun.


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