BBC worldwide showcase update

Yesterday, Tuesday 24th February, Dominic Monaghan presented his second season of Wild Things at the BBC Worldwide showcase in Liverpool. We’re only seeing positive feedback, we hope it got picked up by lots of buyers which means lots of countries will be able to watch and enjoy the new season!

Here are some pictures, looking good in that suit, Dominic. 🙂


Looks like it will definitely air in Brasil and Mexico!

Not sure what June 2014 means… the air date around the world besides USA and Canada? (where it’ll premiere on March 25th!) #becurious

But while the trip may have been for work reasons, it seems Dominic managed to fit in a mini-break too. He was spotted enjoying his own magical mystery tour (he’s a life-long Beatles fan) with visits to The Beatles Story at the Albert Dock, The Cavern and also a trip down Mathew Street during his visit. Dominic was also spotted visiting various restaurants and bars including the Pima Bar at the Hilton Hotel where he was happy to chat to fans and sign autographs.

BBC Worldwide


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