Preview and episode details Wild Things season 2 on OLN

With the OLN announcement of their Canadian season 2 premiere on 25th March we now have some more details on the episodes in the next season as well as a short preview video!


Click to view!

In the second season of this popular series, actor Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) explores some of the most remote corners of far-flung countries across the globe – Brazil, Zambia, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, just to name a few – as he searches for the largest, weirdest and most intense creatures alive. A true nature lover, Monaghan’s knowledge and love for insects and reptiles developed during his childhood and remains to this day.  In this second season of Wild Things, Dom expands his quests to include bigger and badder creatures – giant spitting cobras, charging elephants, a creature with the longest fangs in the world and another that just might be the most venomous animal in the ocean are just a few of the creatures on Dom’s roster this time around.

Episode One “Kenya – Giant Spitting Cobra”
Dom’s in Kenya, on a safari like none other. His mission, to track down the very aggressive and deadly Giant Spitting Cobra

Episode Two “Zambia – Gaboon Viper”
Dom navigates his way up the Zambezi, one of Africa’s most dangerous rivers, filled with hippos, crocodiles and tiger fish. He’s on a mission to find the snake with the longest fangs in the world – the deadly Gaboon Viper

Episode Three “Brazil – Titan Beetle”
Dom sails up the mighty Amazon River, wrestles an anaconda and comes face to face with deadly black caiman – all part of his search for the largest insect in the world, the Titan Beetle

Episode Four “Costa Rica – Lemur Leaf Frog”
Dom explores the densest edges of the Costa Rican jungle, last stronghold of the very rare and shy, Lemur Leaf Frog

Episode Five “Darwin, Australia – Ghost Bat”
Dom endures the scorching heat of the Australian outback to explore its deepest, darkest caves in search of the rare, carnivorous Ghost Bat

Episode Six “Cairns, Australia – Box Jellyfish”
For the first time, Dom’s mission takes him into the ocean – literally – as he dives the Great Barrier Reef in search of one of the ocean’s most venomous predators, the Box Jellyfish

Episode Seven “New Zealand – Giant Wetapunga”
Dom returns to his Lord of the Rings stomping grounds, this time with fellow hobbit Billy Boyd in tow. Together, they explore the weird and wonderful creatures of New Zealand in their quest to track down the heaviest insect in the world, the Giant Wetapunga

Episode Eight “Arizona – Gila Monster”
Dom’s on a mission in the Sonoran desert of the American Southwest, looking for one of only two venomous lizards in the world the Gila Monster

Episode Nine “Japan – Japanese Giant Salamander”
Dom travels the mountains of Japan in search of a real life Godzilla – the sixty pound, four foot long Japanese Giant Salamander!

Episode Ten “Thailand – Slo Loris”

Dom journeys into the last wild forests of Thailand in search of the Slo Loris. It’s one of the most rare primates on earth – and, it’s got a poisonous bite!


Starting Tue. March 25th at 9pm ET | 7pm MT on OLN
Starting Tue, March 25th at 9/10PM on BBC America

Be Curious!

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