Dom and Billy’s Expected Party of the year

EDIT: Unfortunately the guys had to cancel… sorry for any disappointment!


In New Zealand? Don’t miss the party of the year! Dom and Billy invite you to their Expected Party at the Matterhorn in Wellington:


Billy Boyd joins Dominic Monaghan for a Wild Things episode in New Zealand, I leave you with these photos that say more than words luckily, because I’m speechless:

billyanddom billyanddom2  billyanddom4 billyanddom5 billyanddom6  billyanddom7billyanddom8

Video of our dear hobbits at Bag End


Season 2 of Wild Things is expected to premiere on BBC America around March/April 2014.

Don’t forget to follow @officialbeecake and @domswildthings on twitter, and WILDTHINGSDOM on Instagram to keep up with these two.


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