More details about the Wild Things Australian episodes

If you don’t like spoilers… look away now! The local Austalian media gives away some details on the Australian episodes of Wild Things season 2!

wildthingsaustralia flying
The Wild Things crew at Darwin airport

There will definitely be 2 episodes in Australia, the first country to have 2 episodes in the series.

After visiting the Supanova Pop Culture Expos in Brisbane and Adelaide, Dominic and his crew spent 10 days filming in Darwin, Katherine, Pine Creek and Adelaide River, chasing all manner of weird and wonderful animals, according to NT News. Most of it was spent examining ghost bats, but Monaghan couldn’t resist the chance to pick up an echidna. “I love porcupines and hedgehogs so I said ‘Oh, I’ll just put it on my lap’ and it absolutely owned me… It really sliced me,” he said.

shooting domhand bats bats2

We hear he loved the experience in the Northern Territory but struggled with the heat. “We’re obviously carrying lots of packs and because we were chasing bats in caves we were wearing these hazmat suits. It was definitely hard. Other than the heat, I’ve love it here.”

Monaghan spent his downtime preparing for Cyclone Alessia, teaching his Canadian crew about the Ashes and admiring Top End culture. “It’s classic Aussie up here,” he said. “They like to enjoy themselves, which what I like about Australian culture – work hard, play hard. There’s a few too many mullets but I’ve been trying to grown one too, so I can fit in.”

newhaircut baggage
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Shooting now continues in Cairns for a second episode on the Great Barrier Reef. Dom will be doing day and night dives. In memory of Steve Irwin, one of the inspirations for the show, he will examine the ecosystem, including the animal that killed Irwin – the stingray. “I want to obviously tell the story of his death, but I also want to talk about how it was a freak occurrence, and stingrays are not dangerous animals generally.” Dom said in a previous interview.

australiadiving diving diving2 boat

Wild Things is expected to air in Australia mid next year on ABC2, and will premiere around March/April 2014 on BBC America. Season 2 will have 10 episodes compared to 8 episodes in Season 1!



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