Day 2 Supanova Adelaide


Day 2 Supanova Adelaide… and Dom found some cat ears (give to him by fan Kirrily Gibbons) ! Last day of the convention, I hope you all had a good time down under. He did a Q&A today:

ade1 ade11 ade19 ade27 ade31

Photos are not mine, click on them to go to the original post.. and here are some more from Dom’s panel: thanks to Jonno Hardy!

And I finally found a video!

And here are some more fan photos

ade2 ade3 ade4 ade5 ade6 ade7 ade8 ade9 ade12 ade13 ade14 ade15 ade16 ade18 ade20 ade21 ade22 ade24 ade25 ade26 ade28 ade29 ade32 ade33 ade36 ade37 ade39


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