Promotional stills Molly Moon

It looks like the film Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist starring Dominic Monaghan as “the bank robber” won’t be released until 2014, it is still in post-production. But in the meantime… here are some new promotional stills from the movie, and Dom recently posted a new photo on his instagram too! (if you’re not yet following him… WILDTHINGSDOM on Instagram)

Promotional stills:

Dominmollymoon dominmollymoon2 mollymoon4 mollymoon5 mollymoon6 mollymoon8 mollymoon7

Dom’s photos:

hangingaroundmollymoon mollymoon mollymoon2 mollymoon3



3 thoughts on “Promotional stills Molly Moon

  1. Hi !
    I’m new here & was hoping you might have heard about when Molly Moon will be released this year ?
    Happy New Year everybody !

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