Day 2 Supanova Brisbane


More fan photos!! More Autographs! And a panel today. That’s the end of Supanova Brisbane! I hope you all enjoyed, especially Dom, so he’ll do more conventions 😉

Panel photos (if anyone has a video or remembers what was said let me know!)

(all photos not mine, click on them to go to the original post!)


Jessica talks a little bit about day 2 at Supanova and Dom’s panel HERE.

A video of him meeting fans and signing:


And here are more photos of the second day:

brisb23 brisb11 Brisb1 brisb2 brisb12 brisb3 brisb15 brisb13  brisb5 brisb7 brisb8 brisb14 brisb16 brisb17 brisb18 brisb19 brisb20 Brisb21 brisb22 brisb25 brisb26 ade17


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