UK: Wild Things Season 1 is BACK on Channel 5


It looks like viewers in the UK will finally be able to see the rest of Season 1 of Wild Things!

“After a mid-series break, the actor resumes his worldwide search for unusual and interesting creatures. Dominic travels to Laos in Southeast Asia on a quest to find the giant huntsman spider, a venomous arachnid so rare that only a handful of humans have ever encountered one in the wild. Along the way, he has to deal with live ordnance left over from the Vietnam War, a reticulated python, a whip scorpion, a monitor lizard and a herd of water-dwelling buffalo, and is given a lesson in dealing with deadly creepy-crawlies by arachnologist Liphone Nophasead.”

Tune in to Channel 5 on Monday 18th November at 7PM!

If you missed the first 4 episodes, they are still available On Demand HERE.



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