Wild Things in Australia!


Dom has now landed in Australia, where he will do an episode or two of Wild Things on some of the amazing wildlife down under. He even got a new hair cut to “blend in with the cool Aussies”.

newhaircut newhaircut1

In memory of Steve Irwin, one of the inspirations for the show, he will examine the ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef, including the animal that killed Irwin – the stingray. “His death was something that profoundly shook me,” Dom explains in an interview, “I think that’s something that Steve Irwin wanted to express with crocodiles, that they’re not monsters and they are important because they’re here. I’m trying to continue on with that message to a certain extent.” It was Steve’s sudden death in 2006 that prompted him to think about his own adventure series. “I want to obviously tell the story of his death, but I also want to talk about how it was a freak occurrence, and stingrays are not dangerous animals generally.”


And what else does he hope to get up close to while in Australia? “Dropbears, hopefully,” he joked, then listed the inland taipan, king brown snake and the redback and funnel web spiders as targets. “I think we’re going to be spoiled for choice in Oz, to be honest.”

He will also attend 2 Supanova conventions, in Brisbane and Adelaide, meeting his Australian fans, which will possibly be included in the Wild Things series (season 2).

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo takes place at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane from November 8 – 10. If you can’t afford a ticket, today is the last day to enter in a competition run by the Brisbaine times to win a pass or even a VIP experience! Click here to participate. The Adelaide event takes place at the Adelaide Event and Exhibition Centre (Adelaide Showgrounds) from November 15 – 17. It’s not too late to get your ticket! Click here to buy your weekend or day entry pass,  and the photo op and autograph fee breakdown can be found here. And here is Dom’s schedule (Full convention schedule and info here):


If you meet Dominic at one of these conventions, or in the wild, give him a hug ❤ and please do send me your reports/photos! I’ll post them on this blog and of course give you credit!





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