Happy Accidents

Maybe not so well known is that Dominic Monaghan had a photography exhibition in West Hollywood’s Hamilton-Selway Fine Art Gallery called “Happy Accidents” back in 2008, combining two of his life’s passions – photography and nature!


Dom defined ”Happy Accidents” as occasions when the “Cosmos” seems to take over, and make artistic decisions for you. He splits the subjects of his show in three; “Portraits,” “Nature” and “Happy Accidents.” He donated twenty percent of the proceeds to an Orangutan Orphanage in Borneo.

Today, all you have to do to see some of Dom’s photography is follow WILDTHINGSDOM on Instagram!

“Dominic worked closely with Hugh Milstein at DigitalFusion LA to digitally master the images and make gallery prints. The collaboration results in a dramatic first exhibit by Monaghan – and displays the raw power of large format fine art printing. Hugh recalls, ” When I first met Dominic, I was taken by his enthusiasm and drive to create images. He had so much energy already invested in the idea of a show – we just had to get comfortable, and start getting images together. He is an amazing talent, and can easily switch back and forth between multiple disciplines. This is a breakout show by an emerging artist.””

Here’s a video interview (click to watch):


And here are some examples of the prints that were displayed in this exhibition:

470_100381340203_7628_n 470_100381345203_7864_n 470_100381350203_8128_n 470_100381355203_8371_n 470_100381360203_8616_n 470_100381365203_8860_n 470_100381370203_9112_n 470_100381380203_9376_n 470_100381385203_9615_n 470_100381390203_9872_n 470_100381395203_134_n 470_100381405203_396_n 470_100381420203_656_n 470_100381430203_942_n 470_100381445203_1229_n 470_100381450203_1457_n happyaccidents1 happyaccidents2 happyaccidents3 happyaccidents4 happyaccidents5 happyaccidents6 happyaccidents7 happyaccidents8 happyaccidents9 happyaccidents10 happyaccidents11




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